Brainstorming meals

To set myself up for success, not failure, I feel like I need to do some pretty significant planning. Here are some meals I’ve been brainstorming.


  • Eggs – scrambled, omelette or frittata style, etc.
  • Omelette muffins
  • Strained yogurt & berries or fruit/nuts/coconut
  • No-atmeal (made this for my SIL postpartum and we all loved it!)
  • Coconut pancakes & fruit
  • Add-ons:¬†avocados & tomato slices, bacon, sausage


Lunches are challenging for a couple of reasons. Ideally, we eat leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, but because there are almost always three of us eating lunch at home, sometimes there isn’t quite enough to go around, even though I try to make extras at dinner for just this reason. Second, lots of our “old” lunches involve bread – grilled cheese, tuna melts, wraps, etc.

I need some more ideas for lunches that come together in 10 minutes or less… with minimal preparation, but here are a couple bits & pieces I’ve thought of that could be combined to make a good lunch:
  • Soup (make big batches of several kinds & freeze in smaller amounts, take some out the night before)
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Veggies & dip
  • Primal crackers with cream cheese/regular cheese & olives
Here are some generic ideas plus some from the MDA Reader Cookbook that look awesome.
  • Basic meat/veggie combos
  • Spaghetti squash or zucchini “pasta” with veggies & sauce (mmmm…. carbonara with cream and bacon!)
  • Meal salads (Bacon, Chicken & Avocado salad – MDA)
  • Taco salad (sans chips) with sour cream & guacamole
  • Pulled pork & coleslaw
  • Mojo salmon with veggie sides
  • Mustard-roasted fish (Ina Garten)
  • Pizza with cauliflower/mozza crust
  • Curries (mmm, butter chicken without the guilt!) and cauliflower “rice”
  • Zucchini/sweet potato pancakes with sausage or bacon
  • Pork tenderloin with cilantro pesto (MDA)
  • Crockpot pork-stuffed peppers (MDA)
  • Mediterranean-stuffed pork loin (MDA)
  • Sesame chicken and “rice” with fiery ginger and chile sauce (MDA)
  • Crispy nut & herb fried chicken with creamy avocado (MDA)


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Celery with cream cheese or almond butter
  • Piece of fruit & slice of cheese
  • Veggies & dip
  • Handful of nuts or trail mix
  • Primal crackers (MDA sesame & sunflower crackers looks delish)

1 thought on “Brainstorming meals

  1. Mmm, we love bacon & eggs with tomato slices for those times when I don’t feel like taking much time to cook! So satisfying.

    I’ve definitely come to think outside the box in terms of lunches (breakfast too, but I skipped that a lot before anyway). A lot of our lunches used to include bread/grains too, so I know it’s hard to not think that way. Leftovers are always good, combined with whatever else is in the fridge. We have done the big-batch-of-soup-to-freeze-in-containers thing, and it’s great.

    I always need to remind myself to eat more veggies too. If you regularly have fresh produce in the house, making a quick meal salad is so easy and always a good option for lunches (as well as dinners). Sometimes I’ll even just use canned tuna with (a green) salad.

    Seeing “zucchini” there reminded me, I have a really good recipe for stuffed zucchinis, I’ll send it to you.

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