Last night I had book club. Book club is not as much about the book as it is about everyone bringing something delicious and the group mowing down while we talk about everything but the book. It was my first big social occasion since thinking about trying to eat more primally… and it gave me lots of challenges.

For my contribution, I made spanakopita and tzatziki. I was cleaning out my deep freeze the other day and found two packages of phyllo, and figured I’d get some help in using them up… I’m not just going to throw them away. So, there was that: a good combo of veggies & cheese… wrapped in wheatiness. Luckily, I inadvertently underbaked them, so they were not as appealing to me as they normally would have been. Thank you, fear of burnt food!

Someone brought homemade jalapeno poppers, which were scrumptious, but were coated in panko (more wheat); another person brought crackers (even more wheat) and a hot spread along with some devilled eggs (I’m not going to lie, it was fun eating the eggs without guilt!). For dessert, someone had made homemade chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits, and our drinks were mixed cocktails, one with Coke. Everything was delicious and I had some of everything.

Those poppers were awesome. I could probably make them with some sort of nut-based coating, though it would change the flavours. Something to experiment with!

But I also had a raging headache and suddenly was feeling really congested within an hour of finishing my ice cream. I don’t know if it was because of all the sugar and wheat, or just because it was getting late and I was tired…. but it wasn’t a nice feeling.

I could have limited myself more. To be honest, I went into the evening not really thinking about whether I would limit myself… I knew there would be lots of unprimal food, and I knew I would eat it. I just didn’t anticipate how uncomfortable that would physically make me! (I thought of my sister and her grilled cheese headache.)

Anyway, it’s unlikely that I’m going to go to book club down the road and not try a little bit of everything. I’m thinking the key will be to bring something I can eat fairly freely and then just make sure I take it easy on everything else. I’m on drinks next time… time to start brainstorming that! (Maybe sangria?)

It probably didn’t help that yesterday I had a couple slices of bread and a beer during the day, although it was an otherwise “good” day, food-wise. We’re housesitting for my in-laws this weekend and they had stocked the fridge with tons of fresh veggies and there was lots of meat and fish in the freezer. I made a coconut curry salmon, pepper, and onion dish (with cauliflower rice! it’s good!) for dinner; we had an egg scramble with lots of veggies for lunch, and yogurt and berries for breakfast. But it’s that damn Winnipeg-style rye that got me! It’s the only bread they keep in the house because my FIL loves it (my MIL is gluten intolerant). But it’s like crack. It’s impossible to stop eating once I’ve started. So I had three small pieces of toast slathered in butter with lunch. I don’t know if it’s something I will ever be able to give up….as a treat, anyway.

Okay – today is a new day. There’s a birthday at our family dinner tonight, so there may be cake to contend with. My strategy will be to remember how awful I felt at the end of the night last night and see if I can resist the cake. And have a glass of wine instead of beer. But it’s a gorgeous sunny day. It’s a beer kind of day. We’ll see.

p.s. Happy Mother’s Day to me. A reminder: the best gift I can give myself is to take care of myself – no one else can do it for me!

1 thought on “Ugh…

  1. Sigh…I know it’s really hard, especially when these foods are so incredibly ubiquitous, and with so many social/family events. And it’s so different than the way most people think about eating (even how people think about “junk food”), that it feels crazy to have to resist.

    My first thought is, it’s the very hardest at the beginning. And if you haven’t really started the 30-day challenge, and you’re still eating those things (even if just once a day), well, that’s not really “starting” it then. You might find (like me) that it was actually the easiest and most effective to do it cold turkey (for the 30-day challenge). Seriously, it sounds crazy but it’s much easier to not be eating certain things at all, than it is to just “limit” or “restrict”, (which is more like a diet) and always be reasoning with yourself how much you can have. That is MUCH harder. Not to mention that doesn’t even work, for PB.

    Secondly, as a dose of realism, you probably know that nothing and no one can make you not eat those things (it sounds cliche, but you’re going to have to want to, or else).

    But thirdly as an encouragement, you may find (I hope; I know I did) that once you’ve been sticking with it for awhile, that those things actually become less appetizing over time, so that you don’t want to eat them. I’m not saying never, but you know…not often.

    So re: the first point above, I’ve been stressed about moving, and in the past week I’ve been just caving and eating far more sugar, tortilla chips, etc. than I have in the past few months/than I should be. So, within a few days I’m feeling pretty terrible, I’m unhappy, my pants & shirts are tighter now, I have a sinus cold (not saying it’s related but you never know)…and it’s just insane. I KNOW that I’ve been eating rather poorly. I KNOW that PB really works and that I feel so much better when I am sticking to it. So, I know that I’ve got to go cold turkey again! That is really the way to go. It’s so much easier than letting the sugar/carbs creep in slowly, and before I know it, I’m eating terribly again. This might sound like a harsh system, but really…I’m actually not happy when I eat whatever I want, because I don’t feel good! (and I instantly gain weight). I really do feel so much better when I am eating properly (PB, for me). Definitely one of the hardest parts is the psychology of it.

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