Checking in, feeling good

The PB promise of effortless weight loss seems to be true.

I haven’t even started the 30-Day Challenge, but I’ve been cutting back pretty substantially on grains and sugar… and my weight just keeps going down. A week ago I was at 185 and this morning I am at 181. Even after my weekend of debauchery! I keep thinking the scale must be broken. I’ve been eating more eggs and cream than ever… but also more veggies, which I feel great about. Eating cauliflower “rice” the other day, I realized I wasn’t even thinking of it as a substitute for real rice, but as getting a whole extra serving of veggies. It’s nice to eat some things (cream, bacon) without a niggling sense of guilt.

I”m not going to lie, I’m sort of excited for my next physical and bloodwork to see what my numbers look like. What a weirdo!

Not noticing a huge change in energy levels but not feeling any better or worse, so that’s good. I’m trying to make an effort to ask for (or just take) what I need to feel happy, balanced, and healthy. Last night I went to an amazing “restoration and meditation” yoga class at Peg City Yoga – in 75 minutes we did only 3 poses and there were lots of blankets and bolsters and good music involved. Sign me up for next week, and the week after, too! This week I’ve asked my SIL to babysit for a couple hours one afternoon so that I can do some summer clothes shopping in peace. And I didn’t feel guilty about it!

Going to have lots of computer work coming up over the next few days, so I need to be diligent about getting fresh air, too!

3 thoughts on “Checking in, feeling good

  1. I’m excited for you that you feel good with “cutting back” so far! I’m SURE that when you actually start the challenge and cut those things out completely for awhile, you will see some big changes. So I know it’s tempting, but I would recommend holding off on getting new clothes for a bit (like, wait several months at least, not just one). You might be surprised. I’m still kind of shocked how much weight I’ve lost so far (i.e. fat/inches are what matters to me, not what it says on the scale). I’m not losing my muscles–on the contrary I can see them more clearly defined now.

    Sometimes I still feel like my body doesn’t look that drastically different, and that I still have fat to lose (muffin top etc. is not totally gone, although smaller now) but… others can always tell more than the person themselves can. Plus, my old clothes are a great test. In the past month I’ve tried on some dress pants etc. that used to be tight on me (but I hadn’t worn them in quite awhile here) and they won’t stay up…that’s pretty telling! When I started losing some at first, my jeans were becoming noticeably too big (was previously wearing 10, and 10 or 12 for shorts—all of which were tight), so I went out and bought a Gap pair of size 8 (at the outlet Gap, but still!). Well another month or so and those were too big. I went later and got the same pair in a 6, and I just got several shorts in 6. My shorts from the past few summers used to be tight on me! Now they are way too big. I just gave a bunch of clothes to Goodwill this morning.

    So, while it’s not at all a bad problem to have (in fact it feels amazing to get new clothes in smaller sizes!), but if you’re keen to not waste money, I really suggest waiting longer! It’s worth it.

    • Thanks for the tips! ! probably won’t be buying any summer clothes for myself (except I am in desperate need of a good pair of sandals) but I need to get a bunch for the little man. It will be so satisfying to go shopping for myself when I really can’t get away with wearing my old clothes. Plus I have all those dresses that I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear again this summer. Maybe next summer I’ll even buy shorts — something I haven’t worn since I was probably 17.

      Wow, size 6! Does it seem like, totally incredible that you’re in such a small size? I mean, I know it’s not about the numbers, but that’s half the size you were wearing before. Way to go!

      And thanks for commenting… it’s really nice to have the back and forth! 🙂 Hope you’re managing to keep that moving stress in check. I was reminded last night of how powerful just taking 20 minutes to do nothing but lay still, close your eyes, and breathe can be…. try it next time you’re feeling stressed!

      • Haha…well, checking email, FB, and your blog multiple times a day are definitely my procrastination/distraction faves at the moment. We just started packing for real (as opposed to thinking about packing/making lists) yesterday. It’s going fine, but blah…packing/moving sucks! The cats definitely know something’s up.

        As for sizes…yeah it’s so weird. I don’t really feel smaller (although I do feel a bit “lighter”/not bloated anymore), but I guess I am…as I said it’s harder to tell for yourself how your body changes, other than how your clothes fit. Every brand’s sizes are different. I now have Calvin Klein bermuda shorts from Costco, a couple pairs of Old Navy shorts, and Gap jeans all in 6, and H&M shorts in 8.

        I bet you’ll do great, I’m sure that if you stick with it you’ll be able to get into your dresses no problem, and shopping for new clothes will be so nice!!

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