What we’re eating…

The process of moving towards primal cooking has been surprisingly easy. Because I love cooking, I’ve been finding it fun to scope out new recipes. Here’s what’s on the menu for dinner this week:

  • Banh Mi salad
  • Cauliflower crust Hawaiian pizza & broccoli salad
  • Shawarma salad
  • Coconut curry salmon with cauli-rice [use yogurt instead of cream cheese, and add extra peppers and onions to the sauce]
  • Pork taco salad (sans chips, I guess!)
  • Bacon & eggs with hashbrowns (maybe) & tomatoes

For lunches: leftovers. For breakfasts: yogurt; eggs, fruits, avocados, coconut pancakes, etc.

This morning I attempted to make banana pancakes. I mucked with the recipe (added more eggs and bananas and threw in a handful of ground pecans) and they were hard to keep intact, but they tasted great with berries. They were pretty sweet, so I didn’t even miss syrup. But I prefer coconut ones.

I’ve been doing pretty well on the snacking front. I do find that if I eat enough protein at meals, I’m not hungry in between meals. When rice or bread is a main component, my stomach is rumbling with hunger shortly afterwards.

I do need to find some sort of snack that satisfies my cravings for something salty. Though I have cut way back on popcorn, I know it’s got to go completely (except for as a treat, of course!) and that’s the only snack I have that really fits the bill for something salty. I need to get on those primal crackers. They’d be so good with some cheese and olives.

That’s it for me for today. Ciao!

1 thought on “What we’re eating…

  1. Glad to hear cooking is going well so far! It was the same with me, when I first realised the changes it requires, I thought to myself….well, good thing I love cooking & food. Who doesn’t want to eat super delicious things made with awesome ingredients on a regular basis? And any meal with avocados/bacon (or both, YUM) is sure to remind you that you’re definitely not “on a diet”. Haha.

    Olives are a good snack if you’re craving salt! I know they don’t really fill you up, but usually “cravings” don’t really equal true hunger. (Also, cravings do tend to get better–that is, less–the longer you eat Primal.)

    Yeah! Bananas are great for adding some sweetness to things (and yumminess) instead of having to add a regular type of sugar. I like them in smoothies. My favourite smoothie combo that I make is Greek yogurt (plain, full-fat), banana, frozen mixed berries (blue, rasp, black) and strawberries if I have them. Then I add a little water to the blender, so that it blends more easily & is not too thick. I think that adding milk or cream makes it taste weird/somehow not smoothie-tangy anymore…meh, I just don’t like it. Greek yogurt is pretty filling. I just tend to blend this amount of smoothie instead of making a smaller amount but I usually give some to Norm.

    Tonight we had meal salads for dinner—oriental coleslaw with sliced almonds & chicken and it was superb!! Other than the tsp of honey (yum) that I used in the dressing, very low-carb, and totally satisfying. We ate a couple hours ago and I’m still full…well no wonder I did have a huge plateful…:)

    Ok, back to packing.

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