A shelf full of cookbooks, a reader full of feeds

So, last night’s Banh Mi salad was delicious – but notes to self: do not just dump a bunch of jalapenos into your bowl without first testing to see how spicy that particular pepper is. And make some homemade mayo already – the soybean oil in storebought mayo does nasty things to your throat! But moving on…

I knew it would be fun to find new recipes to incorporate into our meal plans, but I also knew it would be painful in some ways to let some of my favourite blogs go. I love Bakerella’s blog, which features desserts that are practically works of art. It’s not that I ever even use her recipes, they’re just so fun to look at. The Kitchn is another favourite, but I wish I could filter out 3/4 of the recipes because they’re not PB-friendly. (Credit for featuring a cookbook called “Lard” today, though!)

For a long time I thought I didn’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) but I realized that I do. It’s not tied to social media or connectivity, as it is for many; it’s tied to blogs. When I let my feed reader get out of control I have a hard time making all as read, because what if there was something really interesting in there?? Unsubscribing is like that, times ten.

But, I’m trying to see this as an opportunity to subscribe to some new primal-friendly food blogs (Elana’s Pantry, Paleo Spirit, The Primalist – which is great because it’s Canadian) and unsubscribe from some that I love but are probably not going to be supplying me with many appropriate recipes.

As for my cookbooks? I’ve been slowly culling other books from my way-too-large collection and next up, I should do the cookbooks. It’s not that I’ll be getting rid of anything that’s not PB-friendly, but more that I should ditch the books I never look at or only use one or two recipes in.

Alrighty – it’s the long weekend and I’m looking forward to a belated birthday breakfast with my SIL at the Tallest Poppy. No fergasa for me… which makes me sad… but maybe I’ll get some extra bacon to make up for it.

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