30-Day Challenge: Day 3

Was up later than normal last night, and had another early morning… I’m tired. Tried to make it an early night tonight; hopefully I’ll be asleep by 10pm.

Breakfast: Regular yogurt with apples, unsweetened coconut and walnuts. Didn’t have coffee!

Lunch: Leftover pork green curry, veggies

Dinner: Bacon & eggs, fruit salad

Snacks: veggies & dip, kale chips (amazing how quickly one person can eat an entire bunch of kale that way!), coffee with cream

Remarks: I’m sort of feeling meat overload. It’s not that I miss the taste of beans, necessarily, just the option for something other than meat or eggs for 2 out of 3 daily meals. I got outside to enjoy the long awaited return of SUNSHINE! Planted some stuff in my front flower beds and my little guy enjoyed watering everything. Then did some sidewalk chalk drawings and enjoyed the fresh air and sun. Hopefully this nice weather will stick around now!

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