30-Day Challenge: Day 30

Breakfast: yogurt with pineapple, nuts and coconut, coffee + cream

Lunch: Eggs & veggies with dip.

Dinner: Coconut green Thai curry with fish, eggplant, zucchini and bell pepper + quinoa

Snacks: gherkins (mmm, Maille brand… so good!), hot pepper rings.

Well, here we are – the last day of the challenge? Will today be any different than yesterday or tomorrow? Probably not. The truth is that I didn’t wind up being really strict with myself during these 30 days. Nevertheless, I have experienced some interesting things and developed some new habits that I think I’ll stick with. More in the debrief to follow.

30-Day Challenge: Days 26-28

Okay, another crazy few days with lots of events and celebrations. As a result I was not as compliant as I would normally have been, and I definitely noticed some effects that I previously would not have paid attention to. Lots of wheat and sugar, I often felt bloated, overwhelmingly tired, and a mildly upset stomach.

I also noticed that my back pain flared up this weekend – it may have been because I was so busy, but perhaps was aggravated by my diet? I have no idea. My physio says it’s not an inflammation problem, so it’s not likely that the grains and sugar were the culprit. But the other side effects were just unpleasant enough to remind me that this was a really exceptional weekend with probably too many indulgences. As with previous weekends, I’m looking forward to getting back to normal tomorrow.

On the bright side, I got lots of sunshine and lots of play in over the last few days. That feels great!

30-Day Challenge: Day 24

Breakfast: yogurt, almonds, apricots & banana + coffee with cream

Lunch: Weird leftover casserole concoction: cauliflower rice, regular rice (I know, no-no), tuna, green peppers, cheddar cheese and hot sauce. (One of those meals that makes you feel like, wow, I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel, here!)

Dinner: Bacon and eggs, tomatoes and avocados. Yum.

Remarks: Thanks to my sister’s keen eye, I have confirmed that I definitely need to work on adding protein and fat to my diet. It was something I sort of had a nagging feeling about, but it was good to have that confirmed. At the end of the challenge I think I’m going to put together a list of things I need to strive for. I have also boosted my vitamin D intake to 4000IU per day.

30-Day Challenge: Day 23

Breakfast: yogurt with fruits, almonds, and coconut + coffee with cream

Lunch: Large green salad with lots of veggies + pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, olives, hot peppers, and cheese

Dinner: Coconut milk-based green Thai curry with sole and red peppers, cauliflower rice

Snacks: dark chocolate

Remarks: Wow – the curry I made for dinner was insanely good! I could eat it every night. But I was ravenous within a few hours. Lots of fat in that coconut milk but I guess the day’s low protein caught up to me. Ate leftovers when I got home from yoga. Still kind of hungry as I went to bed.

30-Day Challenge: Day 22

Breakfast: yogurt with fruits, nuts & coconut

Lunch: large green salad with lots of veggies, walnuts and pumpkin seeds

Dinner: salmon, homefries, raw veggies, beer

Snacks: olives, beer

Remarks: Not sure whether it’s because the fridge is getting low on supplies (grocery shopping tomorrow) or my enthusiasm is waning, but I’m not sure how this is all going to work out. I am really tired of meat, meat, meat. We’ll see how the next week goes.

30-Day Challenge: Days 20 & 21

Well, another weekend of embracing the 80/20 rule. We had a lot of social events, so while meals at home were great, I did eat chips, chocolate fountain, and dainties. But the interesting thing was that on Saturday night – after a day and evening of festitivies, even though I didn’t feel like I had overeaten particularly, I felt noticeably bloated and sort of uncomfortable. It seemed to be an indication that I ate a lot more salt, sugar, vegetable oils, etc., than I do in my regular day-to-day life.

Checking in, 2/3 of the way through the challenge:┬áSo, I have not given the 30-Day Challenge quite the dedication that I thought I would. But I think that’s okay with me. Honestly, I did the “hard part” several weeks before I officially started the challenge, when I decided not to make or bring any more wheat products into the house. And it wasn’t hard because I missed them, it was hard because I had to think of new things to eat. So I guess in the end, I’m not really any more compliant doing the 30-Day Challenge than I was the preceding couple of weeks. Since the big changes I saw in my body were weight loss and clearer skin (still searching for boundless energy!), and I’m still experiencing those, that’s a success in my books.

30-Day Challenge: Day 18

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with apricots, nectarines, walnuts & coconut + coffee and cream

Lunch: Tuna salad, coconut flour/egg wrap, lettuce

Dinner: large green salad, coconut flour crust pizza, beer

Snacks: dark chocolate, walnuts

Remarks: I already knew this, but was reminded today that it’s so much easier to eat lots of veggies when I keep a container of cut carrots, celery, radishes, cukes, etc. in the fridge.