30-Day Challenge: Day 7

Okay, one week in!

Breakfast: Green smoothie with apple, spinach, coconut, almond butter, yogurt & dates

Lunch: Green salad with farmer sausage, feta, peppers, and dill

Supper: Chicken, pork, Waldorf-style salad, rice salad, noodle-less veggie lasagna

Snacks: 3 or 4 crackers with artichoke dip, beer, red wine, a cupcake

Well, today was the first day since going on the challenge that I had some tough decisions to make. It was my SIL’s grad party and my MIL made an amazing spread to celebrate. I opted to have a few bites of rice salad and my other SIL’s famous artichoke dip with some Stoned Wheat Thins and later, a cupcake. You know what? Enjoyed those treats then moved on. Back to being 100% compliant tomorrow. I don’t feel guilty; moreover, I think it this eating style does become part of my life, it has to work with my life, and we often celebrate family occasions with meals. Sometimes those meals have non-Primal elements.


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