30-Day Challenge: Day 15

Wow! Half-way there. We came home to a pretty empty fridge so the meal pickins were pretty slim today.

Breakfast: Yogurt with fruit, coconut, nuts

Lunch: Pan-fried salmon, wild rice, spinach, snap peas, pepper

Dinner: Pantry special: weird tuna pizza thing (tuna, capers, green onions and artichokes on a coconut flour base), cut veggies and dip

Snack: almonds, dates, dark chocolate, veggies

Remarks: Just realized I didn’t take my prenatal vitamin or Vit D all weekend. Will get back to that today. Went shopping and now the fridge is re-stocked with good food! Bought tinned salmon for the first time in my life – normally the smell makes me feel sick, but I’m thinking it could be mixed with some other things and make into some sort of patty… good thing to have on-hand. Made my 4th batch of homemade yogurt. Can’t believe how much cheaper it is than buying, and tastes just as good!

Really missing legumes. Just missing the option of not eating meat or eggs for protein.


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