30-Day Challenge: Days 26-28

Okay, another crazy few days with lots of events and celebrations. As a result I was not as compliant as I would normally have been, and I definitely noticed some effects that I previously would not have paid attention to. Lots of wheat and sugar, I often felt bloated, overwhelmingly tired, and a mildly upset stomach.

I also noticed that my back pain flared up this weekend – it may have been because I was so busy, but perhaps was aggravated by my diet? I have no idea. My physio says it’s not an inflammation problem, so it’s not likely that the grains and sugar were the culprit. But the other side effects were just unpleasant enough to remind me that this was a really exceptional weekend with probably too many indulgences. As with previous weekends, I’m looking forward to getting back to normal tomorrow.

On the bright side, I got lots of sunshine and lots of play in over the last few days. That feels great!

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