I’ve Been “Good”

Hooray! I have entered into the 160s! I’m pretty sure I have not been down to this weight since 2008. Very exciting for me. A couple random thoughts for the day:

I’ve been thinking lately about the expresison “I’ve been good”. How often do we hear people (usually women) say something like, “There was a huge tray of cookies, but I was good, and I didn’t have any” or “I was really good this weekend and stuck to my diet”?.  This moralizes food choices, which as I discussed in my post on cheats vs. treats, I don’t think is helpful. Anyway, what I propose is that whenever we’re tempted to say “I was good”, we add “to myself” or “to my body” to the end of it. The meaning really changes, and it changes it for the better.

Also wanted to note a couple things that have really kept me inspired to keep being good to myself lately. A friend of mine recently read Wheat Belly and is struggling with going wheat-free. I told her how much I enjoy the Wheat Belly blog – it’s full of lots of first person accounts of how folks have taken control of their health. I also love the success stories on Mark’s Daily Apple. I look forward to a new one every Friday – and who knows, maybe I’ll submit mine some day. Some of these stories are so compelling. I could just sit there and read them all day. In fact, that’s pretty much what I did when I first started learning about PB: my sister send me links to a few she thought we really motivational!

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