I have reached a 25lb weight loss!! I’m now at 165lbs, which is about what I weighed   when I moved here about 4 years ago. My body’s not the same since having a child – the excess weight I have is hanging out around my midsection, so clothes that I could wear pre-pregnancy don’t necessarily fit – but it does feel really great to be making progress in the weight department without really “trying”.

What I’ve really noticed is how easy it is to slip a little with indulgences. When I notice my weight plateau, if I’m honest with myself, I can almost always pinpoint a run of too much beer, potatoes here and there, random desserts, etc. Once I resume to eating more mindfully, I get back on track. It really does help to have go-to recipes and snacks that I like and that work well for PB. And because I have a few family members on both sides who eat similarly, it’s kind of fun to have some partners in crime to try out new recipes with!

I recently found an old Weight Watchers tracking sheet and see that the lowest I ever got with that program was 157lbs in July of 2007. Although I didn’t start the PB with the main intention of losing weight, I have to say, it has been infinitely easier and more fun to eat this way than WW ever was.

I also recently had bloodwork done and was a bit nervous for the results, after reading this post on MDA. Thankfully, everything looks great: my iron and ferritin levels are good despite not taking iron supplements any more (I attribute this to eating more meat and eggs and leafy greens), and glucose levels and lipids are all well within the normal range. Hooray!