Recipes Roundup

As I mentioned in my past post I’m on another borrowing kick, checking out tons of gluten-free/paleo cookbooks at the library – I love that there are so many of them, both print and ebooks!

I loved the “Against all Grain” cookbook from Danielle Walker. I made the dark chocolate cake brownies and they were fantastic. I subbed butter for palm shortening and 70% choc for unsweetened (only because I didn’t have any unsweetened on hand). SOOOO good and definitely couldn’t tell they are grain-free. I also made the lemon vanilla bean macaroons and while I wasn’t bonkers about them, everyone who tried them absolutely loved them.

I revisited Elana Amsterdam’s almond flour cookbook and made the apricot tea squares – and those were a bit hit too. I also borrowed her new paleo cooking cookbook and thought her crepes recipe was pretty good. Elana’s primal chocolate chip cookies are back in high rotation at my house, too. I make them with butter instead of vegan shortening and they turn out great. Last time I was at Costco here in Winnipeg I noticed they are now selling blanched almond flour. Awesome! I usually make my own because it’s so much cheaper…luckily Costco has started selling blanched sliced almonds again for a very reasonable price, and those are easy to grind in the food processor.

I dusted off my Wheat Belly cookbook and found some old favourites – the creamed spinach recipe is so good, and I can’t believe you can use an entire carton of spinach in one go. I could probably eat the entire batch myself. I also got the new Wheat Belly 30-Minutes or Less cookbook from the library and made the coconut strawberry biscuits…. meh… probably wouldn’t make them again.

As for online recipes, I discovered this recipe for paleo KFC chicken tenders over the holidays and have made it several times since… yum!!

I made PaleoPot’s chili cilantro lime crock pot chicken for a potluck and thought it was delicious. Will definitely be making that one again. Also made the mashed cauli potatoes with garlic & dill… really good too.

I’ve also made Paleo Spirit’s pizza crust recipe several times and really love it… it may be my favourite grain-free pizza crust recipe so far. So easy to work with and sturdy enough for a nice topping-laden pizza!

And I just love these General Tso’s meatballs from I breathe, I’m Hungry. I also love her meatballs alla parmigiana.

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