Day 11

breakfast: coffee with cream, PaleoOMG banana pancakes with maple, vitamins (yea!)

lunch: tuna melt on rice cake, veggies & dip

supper: pulled pork, rice, broccoli coleslaw, leftover fruit crumble

later: handful of nuts and choc chips

Remembered my probiotic!

Day 10


breakfast: eggs, coffee with cream

lunch: chicken stew, green salad, small piece o’ gluteny cake (damn you cake!) (again, not at home)

supper: kubi dogs, spag squash/sauce/spinach leftovers, green salad

after: rice crackers and dip (WHY??)

snacks: buttered rice cake, dark chocolate

Day 9


Breakfast: 2 HB eggs, coffee with cream

Lunch: peanut butter rice cake, chunk of cheese (very poorly planned – in a hurry and no leftovers

supper: spag squash, pancetta/asiago tomato sauce, green salad, creamed spinach

after yoga: berry crumble (primal-ish – had oats), tea

Had a fun time building a sled hill in the backyard until someone took her mitts off and wouldn’t put them back on. A beautiful day; glad I got out to get some fresh air!

Need to really focus on remembering my vitamins/probiotic.


Day 8

Back to normal today.

Breakfast: cranberry walnut coconut flour muffin and some bacon, coffee with cream

lunch: scrambled eggs, bacon, carrots & cukes

snack: dark chocolate

supper: chicken, stewed veggies, spaghetti squash, green salad, small piece (non primal) cake, beer (we were not at home for supper – the meal was so good that I really didn’t need the cake – oh well)

after Zumba: herbal tea, popcorn.

Stayed up late because of the Bachelor but it was worth it for the social contact and laughs!

Day 5-6-7

Well, it was the Manitoba Open this weekend which meant our meal schedules were pretty shot, and we were often eating in curling clubs. I decided to do the best I could and enjoy a few treats as well. Had a few beers and some greasy deep-fried foods too – and didn’t feel bad. 80/20! Also had a nice big salad one day (and remembered how much I love hot banana peppers in salad). Weight didn’t appear to suffer too much from the indulgences. Need to check out some Paleo cookbooks from the library for continued inspiration. Plus I just ordered Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain cookbook with a gift card I got at Christmas. I’ve borrowed that one before and know it’s great!

Day 4

Thursday. Not such a great sleep last night. Wine to blame? I think “doing something” in the evening is a good tactic against wanting to snack. Monday and Tuesday I had a class right after supper and when I came home I had no trouble resisting snacks. Yesterday we just sat around and then watched some TV and the urge was very strong.

Had my PF physio today and she said I can come back for one more session then I should be good as long as I keep up with my exercises. Woo!

breakfast: yogurt & berries & coconut, coffee

lunch: tomato soup, arugula salad with avocados, feta & grapes, cheese, gf crackers

supper: roast chicken and roast veg, spinach & veg salad

after: jalapeno popper dip and jicama, rice crackers

Failed on the snacking front, and forgot to take vitamins and probiotic, but flossed and turned off the light at 10:30 after reading in bed for an hour.


Day 3

Wednesday. Had an AMAZING sleep last night. Turned off the light by about 10:15 or so and was probably asleep by 10:30. Had vivid dreams and woke up about about 7:30 (kids were quiet – hallelujah!).

Breakfast: yogurt with pineapple, coconut and pecans; coffee with cream; cauli puff & vitamins

lunch: chili & cauli puff

supper: sausage, paleo waffles, pineapple, veggies & dip

after: wine, hot pepper rings

Primal aside: loved this article on “selling the merits of sleep” in the NYT. Her approach totally matched what I’ve been feeling for the past several years… trying never to use bedtime or naps as a punishment, and lately starting to teach facts about why sleep is important. Will work on “sleep is pleasurable” next… shouldn’t be too hard!




Day 2

Well, read for a few minutes and then made myself turn off the light not long after 10pm. But, had a terrible sleep. Woke up from a nightmare and then couldn’t sleep because I was so hungry. Eventually got up and ate a handful of nuts and grapes. Still took ages to fall back asleep. Too much coffee during the day??

Breakfast: 2 eggs, coffee with milk

Lunch: leftover coconut braised spinach with chickpeas and lemon over a roasted sweet potato

Snack: 2 cheesy cauli puffs (was pretty hungry by about 3pm)

Supper: chili with ground pork, veggies and mixed beans, cheesy cauli puffs with butter

after supper: tea with milk

before bed: probiotic (woo!)

Today was an okay day. Pretty good actually. Managed to get supper prepped early so had time to get on the floor and play with the kids after naps. Then had a great yoga class, though felt kinda bloated (legumes?).

Feel like having a glass of wine and reading… but thinking I’ll skip the wine and just read. Tomorrow is my night to catch up on The Bachelor so I’ll have my wine then, and I’ll be thinking all day about some kind of yummy primal snack to accompany it. Spiced nuts maybe? Or maybe I’ll make some almond crackers.

Mark’s Daily Apple 21-Day Challenge: Day 1

I’ve been thinking I need to get back to some good habits, and it just so happened that I got a notice that MDA is starting the 2015 21-Day Challenge today! So over the next 3 weeks I’m going to try to be mindful of my eating and of other habits – let’s see what happens.

After my daughter was born the weight just melted off,  and then some, through basically no effort of my own. My lowest point was mid 150s and I felt terrific. BUT… I think I was lulled into a false sense of complacency. My diet is all over the place and the weight has crept back up to my pre-pregnancy weight plus another 10 lbs, so I’m now back to the low 170s. My clothes are in some cases uncomfortably tight. It’s no good. Other than still avoiding wheat (let’s face it, only when it’s convenient) I’m not really eating primally. I need to work on eating more veggies and less starch.

Here are my goals for the next 21 days:

  1. Cut out the evening snacking. If I feel I really need a snack, eat something low-carb.
  2. Take my probiotic and vitamins daily.
  3. Get more sleep. On regular nights I’d like to be in bed reading a book by 9:30 with lights out by 10.
  4. Move more. I started back at Zumba tonight and will do either that or yoga every week, but ideally both. Zumba is so fun and it feels really good to do it. Plus if I’m at Zumba I’m not sitting at home wanting to snack!
  5. Be mindful of carb and fat intake at meals. Remember that if I’m cutting carbs there needs to be lots of fat to keep me feeling full and satisfied. Meal planning will help with this.
  6. Keep working on my water intake and do my pelvic floor exercises.
  7. Floss.

I’m not making a specific weight loss goal but hope that these small changes will result in some pounds being shed and overall energy improved. I would also love to boost my immunity to reduce my chances of getting sick again (just getting over a cold now).

What I ate today…

breakfast: couple slices of cheese, bit of fruit, coffee with cream [not enough of a breakfast; was in a hurry and wasn’t really focusing]

snack: bran muffin and coffee (at a friend’s house)

lunch: leftover fish & chips, cut veggies, dip, leftover cake from party yesterday

supper: baked fish, sweet potato homefries, steamed veggies, butter

after supper: tea

Today was not a good food day at all! Going to bed at 10pm feeling fairly hungry after Zumba.