Day 2

Well, read for a few minutes and then made myself turn off the light not long after 10pm. But, had a terrible sleep. Woke up from a nightmare and then couldn’t sleep because I was so hungry. Eventually got up and ate a handful of nuts and grapes. Still took ages to fall back asleep. Too much coffee during the day??

Breakfast: 2 eggs, coffee with milk

Lunch: leftover coconut braised spinach with chickpeas and lemon over a roasted sweet potato

Snack: 2 cheesy cauli puffs (was pretty hungry by about 3pm)

Supper: chili with ground pork, veggies and mixed beans, cheesy cauli puffs with butter

after supper: tea with milk

before bed: probiotic (woo!)

Today was an okay day. Pretty good actually. Managed to get supper prepped early so had time to get on the floor and play with the kids after naps. Then had a great yoga class, though felt kinda bloated (legumes?).

Feel like having a glass of wine and reading… but thinking I’ll skip the wine and just read. Tomorrow is my night to catch up on The Bachelor so I’ll have my wine then, and I’ll be thinking all day about some kind of yummy primal snack to accompany it. Spiced nuts maybe? Or maybe I’ll make some almond crackers.


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