Day 4

Thursday. Not such a great sleep last night. Wine to blame? I think “doing something” in the evening is a good tactic against wanting to snack. Monday and Tuesday I had a class right after supper and when I came home I had no trouble resisting snacks. Yesterday we just sat around and then watched some TV and the urge was very strong.

Had my PF physio today and she said I can come back for one more session then I should be good as long as I keep up with my exercises. Woo!

breakfast: yogurt & berries & coconut, coffee

lunch: tomato soup, arugula salad with avocados, feta & grapes, cheese, gf crackers

supper: roast chicken and roast veg, spinach & veg salad

after: jalapeno popper dip and jicama, rice crackers

Failed on the snacking front, and forgot to take vitamins and probiotic, but flossed and turned off the light at 10:30 after reading in bed for an hour.



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