Day 22 (Tuesday May 31)

Starting to feel more positive about things. I think I’m over the worst of the adjustment. It’s starting to feel like I’m not totally craving junk all the time. Not that I’m not still having treats now and then, but things feel more manageable. Still very tired though. I need to go for a physical and blood work soon, so it’ll be interesting to see how things look there. On the bright side I have lost of couple LBs! Doesn’t really feel/look like it yet, but the numbers are encouraging to me. Woo!

breakfast: 2 eggs, watermelon

lunch: 2 hobo style open face rice cake sarnies with lettuce, ham, cheese, pickles, etc. and crudites. Watermelon (have a huge container that needs to get eaten asap!)

afternoon: dark chocolate

supper: clean out the fridge – baked cod, potato/onion/pepper hash, romaine/mango/orange/pepper/black bean salad. Sour watermelon gummies (haha… just noticed the website I got the recipe from is called “Meatified”… lol.. actually that site looks like it has a lot of good recipes!) and half a slice of regular banana bread.

evening: post-yoga steamed artichoke with super yummy lemon-garlic mayo dip.


Day 20-21 (Sun-Mon)

Not the greatest two days. Sunday was terrible. Cheated a lot, too much wheat & sugar!

So I can’t remember fully everything but Sunday involved at the minimum iced tea,chocolate milk, salad (woot!), taquitos, bacon/pineapple pizza, boneless wings…and another ice cream bar and cooler in the evening!! No major excuses but we’d all gotten terrible sleeps the night before as Bodkin woke up a LOT and I was just so tired & no energy, unfortunately alone all day with no car and a sick & alternatingly unhappy/crying child who was tired but not sleeping, so yeah, I was lazy and stress/comfort eating. I had no food prepped at all Less than an hour nap meant I had no time to really prep anything for a good dinner later on and I didn’t want to use the oven or stove. After the non-nap, ended up walking to the store in crazy heat just so Bundleloo could have some muggy humid air and a bit of outside time. Bought more salad greens and sparkling water. But also a nice cold can of iced tea…and a Big Turk bar. Ended up also walking to collect pizza & wings later on for dins. By then it had cooled by a couple degrees and was clouding over and looked like rain, still like walking in a steaming bathroom but a little more tolerable than it had been earlier.


Brunch @ Rozie’s: homefries plate: runny egg, cheese, ham, green pepper and mushrooms over homefries. Very filling, only ate half my plate and N polished off the rest. Iced Americano from Balzacs.

Dinner: big giant salad & leftover boneless wings with peri-peri sauce, delicious Hagen Das ice cream bar (last one!), wine

Must get back on track this week. It hadn’t been perfect by any means before Sunday but I’d been feeling good about staying away from stuff to a much greater degree, / resisting eating crap all of the time and making better choices.

Day 20 (Sunday May 29)

another bad sleep. partly because my hands kept falling asleep, which I am pretty sure after careful observation is related to alcohol intake. Another good reason to go easy on the purple drank (Coalhurst Cabernet?). I also think I’m too hot a lot at night; need to switch to an empty duvet cover or flat sheet instead of just the regular duvet. Hopefully that will help.

family bday brunch: coffee with cream, fruit salad, yogurt, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, 1/4 of a cinnamon bun

afternoon: watermelon

supper: 2 tacos

evening: couple spoonfuls of potato salad

activity: neighbourhood walking.

Day 19 (Saturday May 28)

another terrible night. UGH!!!!

breakfast: paleo pancakes, watermelon, coffee with cream

lunch: mixed salad, chicken breast

supper: tacos (1 with tortilla, then just made a salad version). 1 beer.

evening: went out for a drink with a friend. shared an order of a bruschetta-type thing so my half was on one slice of bread. 2 glasses of red wine.

activity: yoga class

Day 18-19 (Fri-Sat)

Breakfast: paleo bar

Mid-afternoon: iced coffee

Lunch: hardboiled egg, cheese, bits & bites etc.

Dinner (at our far-away friends’): Mexican FEAST…I ate 1.5 chicken enchiladas, good helping of mixed salad, lots of guacamole, spicy salsa and mango salsa, a handful of tortilla chips, sparkling water, glass of dry rose wine
Dessert: small portion of rice pudding

We randomly, last minute decided to stay the night over there, at their gracious invitation since our AC wasn’t up and running yet back home…the guy needed to finish installing the new unit this morning. We were planning on all crashing in our basement, but were tired and decided to just stay. It was SO fun in the morning for our kids to have a playmate immediately upon waking up, when they were all fresh and happy!

Saturday (morning still at friends’ place):
Breakfast: scrumptious scrambled eggs with sauteed onion and fresh rosemary mixed in…never had this combo before but it was REALLY good…strawberries & pineapple, coffee. Tempted to have some smoothie too (saw it being made with yogurt, orange juice, fruit) but resisted and stuck with the plain fresh fruit instead.

(Came home late morning to a still 27 degrees and hella humid in the upstairs of our house! AC was up and running by shortly after noon, but taking forever for the upstairs to cool down enough…still not sleeping up there tonight! Set up Bodkin’s temporary room in the study. He napped there and went to bed there tonight.)

Lunch: paleo bar & milk (hardly hungry…so hot!)

Dinner: spontaneous Thai takeout!!! with our OTHER far-away friends who came over to pick up our AC window units that we don’t need anymore. YUM…with sparkling water, shared half a Mike’s hard extra-dry lemonade, and splurge dessert…Hagen Das salted caramel bar. SO GOOD…so worth a cheat treat.

A really nice couple of days seeing these friends and their kids who are both close to Bodkin’s age.

Day 18 (Friday May 27)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, few random bites of dried fruit, slice o’ cheese

morning: shared a cupcake (wheaty)

lunch: egg and veggie frittata, bacon, watermelon, coffee w/cream

afternoon: wasabi coconut chips (damn you, deceptively sugary snack!)

supper: 1 taco w/family (corn tortilla, carnitas, guac, mango/bell pepper/black bean salsa)

then…girls’ night out at an Argentenian pizza place. Had a pizza w/ GF crust and 2 glasses of red wine. Probably should have just splurged for the wheat crust as the GF was a total letdown. Oh well.

Had a terrible sleep and was woken at 5am by a child in a soaked-thru-with-the-runs bed…yippee. When I got up at 7 I felt a little funny/dizzy so didn’t have much of an appetite; plus, knew there would be a cupcake at a little birthday gathering this morning so I didn’t force it. By noon, after a busy morning of playing/the park, I was ravenous and weak. Luckily I didn’t have to make my own lunch, and had a nice evening out with friends. But wondering how I’ll feel tomorrow after my big splurge night full of carbs. Will try to make it to yoga.

Feeling ok now, just really tired. Will read a bit then go to sleep. Am thinking I might investigate supplements for sleep if my nights don’t improve.  I seem to be waking up a lot in the night and not falling back asleep. It’s adding up to a real sleep debt.

Day 17 (Thursday May 26)

breakfast: yogurt, berries, coconut, coffee w/ cream
lunch: couple of cashews before noon massage, then a paleo naan wrap with ham & salad inside, plus a hard boiled egg and some some getting-very-soggy Greek salad
afternoon: a few dried apricots
supper: baked chicken thighs, potato salad, romaine/artichoke/parm salad
evening: square of dark chocolate

activity: took a decent walk to run errands.

Day 17 (Thurs)

Breakfast: paleo bar, bit of yogurt with a few berries

Lunch: drive thru iced coffee and burger (shamelessly eating my feelings/cravings bht also I was really hungry, thirsty and exhausted from the heat…we were at a park for a few hours…when I got home piece of cheese, red bell pepper strips, etc while Bodkin was eating

Dinner: mixed salad – dark greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, vinaigrette, pork chop and peri peri sauce; Perrier Lemon Orange with extra lemon…very refreshing!


Day 16 (Weds May 25)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, yogurt with berries & coconut

[resisted all delicious cookies & treats at a new playgroup we went to for the second time.]

lunch: leftover pizza, crudites

afternoon: nut/seed trail mix with a few morsels of the Hungry Buddha Sriracha coconut chips (not nearly as good as the wasabi ergo so  not worth the sugar! sad trombone.)

supper: bbq’d smokies (1.5), garden salad with dried fruit & pumpkin seeds & EVOO/balsamic on top

evening: 1 beer (maybe I should just buy some red wine… lol)

All in all a pretty good day.