Day 1 (Tuesday May 10)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, coffee with cream, a few slices of apple

Lunch: green salad, greek salad, smokie, cheese, coffee, watermelon

Supper: salmon cakes, sauteed veggies, carrot fries, dill sauce

Snacks: square of dark chocolate, rice crackers with cheese & jalapeno rings

Activity: walking & yoga class

Notes: Had a good supper but was feeling pretty hungry within a couple hours, so had the cheese & crackers. Might need to plan deliberate snacks while I get over the low-carb hump.

Overall pretty happy with today. 29 more to go!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 (Tuesday May 10)

  1. Your diet seems SO much more varied than mine…lol. I make/eat the same things all the time…even though I do love lots of variety…I am also lazy and usually hate eating my own cooking. BAH.

    • I think I would wind up eating the same things more often if my family didn’t need to eat so much and leftovers would stretch further. Heading into summer I really want to think about bigger batch cooking so I can spend less time in the kitchen. Oh, and I have to also say that my MIL feeds us at least several times a week (like yesterday’s lunch), which is is always a welcome change of my standard meals!

      Pssst…. come here and we can cook for each other!

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