Water is a given as I drink from my water bottle all day

Hardboiled egg, strawberries
Iced coffee with cream & pinch sugar. (And surprisingly it tasted really good less sweet, which is good!)

Big mixed salad from salad bar at Harvest Barn (incl. chickpeas & quinoa for protein)

Snacked on:
Homemade spicy salsa after I made it this afternoon, with a few Beanitos pinto bean chips, mostly just using the chips as a vehicle to shovel copious amounts of salsa into my pie hole. Those chips are really good though.

Chicken taco meat with peppers & onions over lettuce/spinach with cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream
Glass dry chardonnay

*Caved and ate 1 mini Snickers (the bite sized ones). IT’S LIKE HEROIN. I can’t seem to stay away! Obvi I will stop buying so much crap.

Painfully aware how completely addicted to sugar I am…whether it in its pure form, craving sweets or sweet drinks, or just craving carby snacks…Potato chips are way harder for me to give up/limit than anything made of wheat. It’s one thing to cut out wheat, but another to ditch ALL (or at least, ALMOST all) refined sugar is definitely the tougher part for me.

I find myself thinking, if I can’t even last one day…how am I gonna do a week or a month? This is bad. It was much easier before, I think it’s harder now because I know how easy it was to get into shape before, so I’m lazy thinking about it like “ahh anytime I want I can just buckle down and do it”…but clearly that’s not the case…I can’t seem to just do it anytime, can I?? Ha.

Well, today wasn’t absolutely horrible, and tomorrow’s a new day!

Among other necessities, I got plain Greek yogurt and assorted frozen fruit – strawberries, banana, wild blueberries, pitted cherries – with the plan to do more smoothies for all of us in the next couple weeks.
Also plan to hardboil a bunch more eggs to have on hand.
Should really make some more coconut flour muffins. Been wanting to find a recipe that uses yogurt and or applesauce.
I still have most of that baggie of chocolate squares from you, most of them are dark choco, that I could have as my treat.


2 thoughts on “Food…

  1. Sounds like a pretty good day! If the biggest failure was a tiny Snickers (agreed, totally addictive), that’s not too shabs.

    I completely agree with the false sense of security of “I did it before and it was so easy”. I keep thinking back to how fun it was for me because I was trying new recipes, discovering interesting websites, and had a few people to talk about it with. Now it’s all blah blah boring and the novelty has worn off. It’s just a matter of being an adult and not being stupid.

    Anyway. Re muffins, I almost always like Wellness Mama recipes, and this one has applesauce in it.

    It’s rainy here. Feels like tomorrow could be a muffin baking day here too! Maybe these:

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