Day 2

Breakfast: Playdate at 9:00 in neighbouring town, bottle water, and Americano with cream, no sugar! Wasn’t remotely hungry, didn’t feel like forcing myself to eat before I left the house. I wished I had a paleo bar to bring with me but I hadn’t made them yet.

Lunch: 2 hardboiled eggs, small avocado, and chopped tomatoes all together with lemon juice, s & p and a drizzle of avocado oil over a bit of spinach; a few pieces leftover taco chicken

Afternoon: was overwhelmed with fatigue (thanks, rando virus) –and let’s face it, probably sugar crashing– whilst walking around the Superstore area doing errands, really needed a pick me up, caved and had a small iced green tea from Sbux. Not even worth it. The mango one was way better.

Piece beef jerky & almonds while cooking dinner

Dinner: ground beef, onion & black bean skillet with enchilada sauce & cheese, cilantro-lime quinoa with tomatoes, over some spinach. Small glass of milk. Which isn’t awesome but had a craving for just a few sips of milk.

This evening made the paleo breakfast bars and they smelled so good I just finished eating one, not that I need it at 10pm. Verdict: crumbly, but really good!!! Way better than the homemade granola bar recipe (and I like those)!! I did add mini dark chocolate chips when there aren’t supposed to be…the granola bar recipe has them and I like that, so I knew I’d like it in these. It calls for 2 tbsp honey, and with the few raisins, coconut oil, and hint of chocolate and vanilla adding some sweet flavour, I think it’s plenty sweet enough, so I would even try reducing it to 1.5 tbsp of honey and then maybe even 1…Delicious!


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