Day 2 (Wednesday May 11th)

Breakfast: coffee with cream, kids’ leftover yogurt, berries & granola

Lunch: mixed salad, chicken breast, cheese

Snack: 2 dark chocolate square

*very, very hungry by about 4pm*

Supper: taco salad w/ mixed greens, veggies, pork, olives, cheese, sc & salsa, 1 mini ritz cracker s’more sandwich

Activity: Took a walk to check out a neighbourhood grocery store I’d never been to. About a 15-minute (one way) walk mostly along a pleasantly treed street. Excited to have found a walking-distance market with decent produce. Hurrah!

Made the base for a coconut milk vanilla ice cream from the Against All Grain cookbook. Also made some almond flour/flax/sesame/parm crackers. They smell amazing in the oven right now and I will probably eat at least a few when they come out.

All in all, a pretty good day. Hope we get our hand-me-down BBQ tomorrow… chicken shawarma salad here we come!


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