Day 3 (Thursday May 12th)

Breakfast: coffee with cream

Lunch: taco salad

Supper: chicken shawarma salad (mixed greens, parsley, cukes, tomatoes, green onions, chicken/onions, heavenly tahini/lemon/garlic sauce & Frank’s Red Hot) – this was SO GOOD. I scarfed back a huge plate of it! Just missing the hummus and pita (sad trombone). Oh and a scoop of leftover pineapple tequila sorbet.

Snacks: dark chocolate, Central Coast Vital Berry Blend (sooooo good), yesterday’s crackers.

Primal life: Short walk in the neighbourhood; it was a blustery, dreary, cold day and I felt like hibernating. On the bright side, my Mother’s Day gift (a double hammock!) arrived and hubs & kiddo set it up. Too bad it is too cold out right now to test it out! Once the sun comes out I shall be enjoying some screen-free relaxing!


3 thoughts on “Day 3 (Thursday May 12th)

  1. I used the suggestion in the MDA recipe as a basis, and used 1/2 cup tahini, juice of 2 lemons (or maybe 3, I can’t recall, but they were on the small side), 3 cloves garlic crushed, and some salt. At that point it was a little bitter from the lemons and very thick, so I thinned it out with some warm water and added a bit more salt until it was just right.

    Next time I want to try to make the garlic “toum” sauce, I think it would work with avocado oil.

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