Day 4

Sigh…it’s going “ok” I guess…but not great. But I’m realizing I’m sure not going as hardcore off carbs & sugar as I once did for my first 30-day challenge (save those amazing warm chips on Taco Tuesdays), and that’s probably why I don’t feel any different yet (other than deprived!!!). I just don’t know if I can muster up the whatever to go as completely gung-ho as I did before, but it’s what I should do!!!! Cold turkey might be what I really need to do, instead of baby steps with setbacks… but alas, still very little willpower…well, I’m telling myself that even an attempt like this at some self-control and discipline is better than nothing.

Breakfast: 2 paleo bars

Early lunch: mixed salad with chicken, bacon & cheese

Afternoon: iced coffee (extremely light on the sugar), salsa with a few Beanitos chips

Dinner: meatballs with spaghetti sauce & parm, salad

-A couple 60% Lindor just now.

Finding myself peckish. I really don’t think it’s because I’m hungry. I ate enough dinner. I’m just in withdrawal from eating whatever the heck I wanted, whenever I wanted it (which is what I was doing, and my beached whale self shows it).

Need to cook up another batch of hardboiled eggs. Need to purchase more cookable veggies and prep them. Really need to do a Costco run tomorrow….berries, veggies, sausages, and we need Brita filters…


2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. I can relate. It is hard! Your mention of Beanitos reminded me that I had some before supper last night… chipitizer that C brought, I forgot to put that in my update.

    I know this is a standard tip, but for me one thing that’s really critical is just to not have certain things in the house AND to have others. ie., I won’t buy chips if they’re not for a certain occasion, but I will make sure I have Lindt. Are there primal things that you love but think of as a splurge? Like fresh berries or beef jerky or certain kinds of nuts? Maybe you could treat yourself to those instead of purchasing others that you know you will want to eat if they’re in the house. Then you can look forward to snacking on those things. I feel like, my snacking problem kind of gets easier or feels like less of a problem when I’m snacking on things that aren’t undermining my other efforts. And I have to rely less on self-control and willpower if those things just aren’t in the house.

    My neighbour had me try some dehydrated apple chips from Costco… they were really good, mildly sweet and super crispy. Will look for those next time I’m there!

    Oh last thing, maybe you could take a trip to the li-berry and grab a stack of paleo cookbooks? Good for inspiration if nothing else!

  2. Totally hear you. They were already in the house, but this past week since trying to do the challenge I haven’t bought anything non-primal!

    It’s crazy how much stuff I WASN’T regularly buying when I was mostly primal.

    Chips & salsa though are such a weakness. It’s way harder to give that up than potato chips. I still ate them when I was mostly primal, but only once or twice a week at most (Taco Tuesday, or Sunday night spread). Prior to when I first started it–Nov 2011–it was an almost daily snack! I didn’t buy them anymore after that, so they weren’t in the house, but I’d have them if we were out.

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