Springtime and activity!

I haven’t been writing activity in my updates but the weather has been much warmer and basically every day we go to the park. If we don’t walk to our own park, and drive to another one, then we almost always also take a walk around the area too before leaving. I really like going to Port Dalhousie because there are two parks, one of which is especially great for little ones, and I can take a nice walk in between them and walk a little extra around the area.

It’s a little tricky cause I would love to take longer walks but babe is getting to the point where he is ok with some stroller time but really needs to be moving and active himself. On our days off as a family before babe was mobile we’d do tons of strolling, now he needs to be able to play so it’s less walking time for us. Of course he can walk holding a hand, but he doesn’t like doing it for very long.

But yeah, walking, and chores/every-day movements are my only form of activity. Babe likes puttering in the yard but that’s not too much movement for me. I try to stay standing and putter around rather than just sit, since I do a lot of lounging if he’s playing inside and wants me there with him rather than in the kitchen.

I don’t want to complain too much about this phase of life (toddler) cause I DO like it, and I’ll be in it for awhile, hopefully having more babies. But it is often tricky to actually do much. The park is great for the kids, but more stationary for mum.


2 thoughts on “Springtime and activity!

  1. I can empathize 100%. Gone are the days of the brisk walk. Now I just at the chance to take any stroller-happy baby out for a walk! Those rambling, toddling “walks” (and they go on for a lonnnnngggg time… years) are wonderful as an exercise in mindfulness (reminding yourself to just be in the moment and enjoy the journey) but they are also really annoying when you just want to get somewhere, and would like not to take all day getting there, and maybe get some exercise in.

    I don’t have any tips, I just relate.

  2. Oh, one thing I was hoping to maybe do this summer was get a bike seat or stroller so that I could go for longer outings with a kid in tow. But not sure I’ll get around to that.

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