Day 4 (Friday May 13)

Breakfast: coffee with cream, paleo pancakes, fruit salad, maple syrup & butter

Lunch: Shawarma salad, coffee with cream

Supper: celebratory dinner with my cousin & her husband – they just bought their first house! Smokies (cooked on our new-to-us BBQ!), coleslaw, potato salad. They brought dessert – chocolate gf quinoa cupcakes (update: got the recipe), fresh berries and…. ice cream & Hershey’s can chocolate sauce. Not gonna lie, I had seconds. But at least I didn’t eat a bun with my smokie. (Another update: forgot to say I also had a few glasses of wine.)

Was so tired today. Took the kids to an indoor play centre (a date planned with friends long ago to coincide with a PD day, but fortuitous because it is actually snowing here today). It was packed and noisy and exhausting and I felt like I desperately needed a nap by noon. But had to work, so made coffee and buckled down.



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