Day 7 (Monday May 16)

Breakfast: 2 carrot muffins, slice of cheese, fruit salad, iced coffee (lightly sweetened)

Lunch: clean-out-the-fridge chopped salad of ham, HB egg, cukes, carrots, green onions, pepper, cheese + ranch/red hot

Snack: pineapple chunks, Lindt 85%

Supper: bbq smokies, faux-tato salad, cukes

evening: club soda w/ tequila & lime juice, 4 mini ritz s’mores sandwiches (doh.)

Feeling hungry quite a bit between meals. I might do a bit more of a proper 1-week review tomorrow, but I know I’m still eating too much sugar/carbs and not enough quality fat/protein. And would like to eat more veggies for sure.

I weigh myself pretty regularly, first thing in the morning. Over the course of the week the number has gone up and down a bit, but today I was a pound lower than on my start date, so that’s good. No noticeable change with clothes, but I’m not wearing clothes that are super tight, so it’s hard to tell.

It’s kind of frustrating. I remember when I just started very loosely cutting back on carbs in spring 2012, I lost like, 8lbs without even trying. Now I’ve been quite low compared to normal and the scale is barely moving. But I probably could watch my sodium too. If I was more careful about that I might shed some water weigh more easily.




4 thoughts on “Day 7 (Monday May 16)

  1. I’d go mental if I was weighing myself each day.

    I think ups and downs are normal. I did lose some weight pretty quickly, but it definitely wasn’t until about 6 months of being really steadily primal (with yeah, a few cheats here & there, I’m sure I didn’t do less than 80-20!) that a bunch of weight really fell off and somewhere along the way I feel like I became way less carb dependent, wasn’t as tired and low-energy, wasn’t hungry between meals–was also better about primal snacking, but really, in the end didn’t snack all that much… Getting the system off all the excess carbs though really does take some time.

    The hardest thing for me at this point (vs. my first foray into primal) seems to be willpower and lasting motivation (even though I’m SICK of being fat) but combined with low energy & makes me not care like I should. Also it’s way harder with a kid now. Just, time, energy for making good meals. I’ve always fed him better than I’m eating, so I don’t know why it’s such a problem to me, but gah!

  2. Those carrot muffins look delicious. But it’s funny that they claim to be GAPS friendly, with 1/2 cup of honey, um, not really. I don’t think you’re technically supposed to even eat honey on GAPS…

  3. Nevermind, apparently raw honey is allowed. But 1/2 cup in a recipe is GAPS legal? It was my impression that GAPS is super low-glycemic …

    • I meant to post some comments about the muffins. They are really sweet (esp. with raisins) and very (too) moist. The batch made 18 for me. I think I would up the coconut flour to try to dry them out a bit. And maybe even reduce 1 egg as well. And definitely try to cut back on the honey. I’m not sure about the GAPS guidelines, but the recipe the way it is is way sweeter than it needs to be. Experimenting is in order! Let me know if you try them!

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