Days 5, 6, 7

Very disappointing because it felt like Saturday night undid my whole week, and I didn’t have much choice. We went to our far-away friends’ for dinner and they said it was going to be Italian food. I was hoping if it was pasta there would at least be a way to avoid the actual pasta part. We brought olives, a hunk of good parm, homemade bruschetta & store bought mini toasts (we knew they love bruschetta and I could eat it with a spoon too), and wine. Another friend, of Italian heritage, was staying with them for the weekend and taking care of dinner. Well, no pasta, but it was a casual spread of all these toasts with all different things on them — a sauce he had just made (it was SO GOOD), pesto, some thin-sliced Italian cured meats, mozzarella/basil/tomato, etc. But all the toasts were made up already and presented on plates. I couldn’t in any polite way have refrained from eating since really, that was what there was save the olives I’d already been snacking on, annnnd it was after 7:00pm and I was really hungry. It was all super delicious, I just didn’t want to be eating the bread 😦 Well, I COULD have refrained from any dessert after that but they’d also got an assortment of delicious baked goods from a bakery. I was like MEH, I’ve already ruined this night. Cut them all up so we could sample and I had two fourths of an insanely good cupcake, and a piece of Nanaimo bar (which was not very good, way too sweet). Along with some good coffee.
(The kids had had some leftover chicken and potatoes they had in the fridge, and ran around wildly, clearly both enjoying having a playmate, before going to bed at 7. Our babbaloo zonked, slept like a rock and we had to wake him from a deep sleep at 10:30 to drive home.)
It was a really nice night, but I so wished I had brought a big salad, because in that case I think would have filled up on that, took some meat and cheese from the counter and just been like, I’m really trying to stay away from bread (and then not touched dessert either!) Ha. Oh, the social side of trying to eat primal when I’m not really THAT strict…

So to recap the day:
Breakfast: paleo bar & coffee
Lunch: hardboiled eggs and a few other randoms like tomato (I think? can’t really remember now)
Dinner: wheat galore…toasts with cheese, olives, Italian meats, wine, etc.
1/2 a cupcake, 1/2 a Nanaimo bar, coffee with cream.

Breakfast: coffee; paleo bar later morning
Lunch: hardboiled eggs, bacon, avocado slices, cherry tomato/red onion/cucumber salad
Dinner: garlic sausages & salad (I think? lunch is easier to remember than dinner for some reason!)

Breakfast: paleo bar, strawberries
Lunch: Rozie’s Cafe – my combo had eggs, breakfast sausage, baked beans, tomato, and a very small amount of home fries (grr, but better for me anyway!)….chose cinnamon raisin toast for Babaloo to eat — he devoured it — I refrained from any!
Dinner: chicken sausages & broccoli,strawberries/blueberries with yogurt, honey & cinnamon for a dessert —  had a Captain & ginger beforehand (ugh! weakness!)


2 thoughts on “Days 5, 6, 7

  1. That does sound like a challenging situation you had on Saturday. Gahhh… the social side of things is really hard! Especially when we have both ebbed and flowed in the strictness department. Like, I have friends who remember when I was actively avoiding gluten and would make special accommodations for me… it’s kind of embarrassing to think about subsequently being like, “meh, I’ve kind of been off the wagon for a long time, gluten is fine.” It really doesn’t do the concept of grains being harmful any favours! Sorry Primal/Paleo/Wheat Belly!

    p.s. Good for you for resisting the cinnamon toast.
    p.p.s. You learned a lesson the hard way: never trust a Nanaimo bar that wasn’t made at home. I have never been not disappointed by a bakery/store Nanaimo bar 🙂

  2. Agreed on all accounts! People knew me as gluten-free when we moved here! But since becoming pregnant I’d totally fallen off the bandwagon. Gah. Time to git back on.

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