Day 8

Breakfast: iced coffee, paleo bar

Lunch: hardboiled eggs with avocado & tomato, strawberry & blackberries

Dinner: Hot Italian sausages (thanks Costco, I THOUGHT I was buying honey garlic…wrong label! Actually quite spicy, His Nibs took plentiful swigs of milk), sauteed diced sweet potatoes with Trader Joe’s roasted garlic salt and a drizzle of maple syrup (a hit with all of us), Greek salad with a creamy lemon-tzatkiki-feta inspired dressing I made with yogurt…felt like something different than my usual vinaigrette.

Discovered my current favourite way to eat hardboiled eggs –cooked only medium; bring to a boil then remove from heat and let cook 8 minutes, then run under cold water briefly then peel immediately and eat them still warm — with s & p of course. I used to do 12 minutes and they were fully cooked. Then I tried 10 and I liked them even more. Today I tried 8. Yummy!! Just on the brink of being runny in the very middle but NOT runny yet. Just med-soft. His Nibs also devoured two of them like this, at lunch today, not a crumb left. WHAT? This boy who didn’t eat eggs?? I’ll have to try to keep making them fresh & warm for him and hope he keeps eating them. He does NOT like cold hardboiled eggs. I’ve gotta say, I think devilled eggs might be the only form in which I like them cold & hardboiled.

I think I have all ingredients for the paleo pancakes and gf carrot muffin recipes you posted — picked up some tapioca starch at Bulk Barn this morning since I knew it was the only thing I was missing for those pancakes — now I just need to get baking at some point! Not my forte but I like eating the results!

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