Day 8 (Tuesday May 17)

Ugh… had a terrible sleep. The other little one was coughing for an hour in the night, so I was awake too. Sigh. I need to be more diligent about going to bed at a reasonable hour. That would almost certainly help fend off the illness that seems to be permanently circulating in our extended family, and probably make shedding some ell-bees a little easier.

Breakfast:  carrot muffin, slice o’ cheese, HB egg, coffee w/cream

Lunch: amazing green salad (romaine, marinated artichoke hearts, green onions, parm & vinaigrette… could have eaten it all day!), chicken/veggie stirfry, cheese, coffee w/cream

snack: smokie

Supper: BBQd chicken (made with this lemon pepper marinade… really good!) and pepper/onion kebabs,  boiled baby potatoes, berries & cream

snack: goat cheese/pickle/ham rollups (oh really? cutting back on sodium are we?)

So… speaking of bed at a reasonable hour, here we are again, just sitting down for one episode of Brooklyn 99 that will almost certainly turn into 2 and bed too late. Tomorrow is a new day though, right?!


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