Days 9 & 10 (Wed -Thurs)

It is legitimately getting hard to remember what all I ate/drank the day before but I keep forgetting to post the same day..

Breakfast: paleo bar

Lunch: don’t remember…I think I had hardboiled eggs & avocado again

I think I had a few snacks this day but truly can’t remember.

Afternoon: I think I had an iced coffee.

Dinner: hot Italian sausages, salad

After dinner: coconut flour carrot muffin, fresh out of the oven! Verdict: Okay. They’re really… vanilla-y. And I think I’d bake them longer next time cause they’re reeeeally moist, maybe underbaked.


Breakfast: coconut flour carrot muffins

Lunch: randoms…. deli turkey, cheese, coconut flour muffin, milk

Afternoon: Iced mango tea from Starbucks

Dinner: chicken taco salad with pinto beans, avocado, red/orange/yellow peppers, tomatoes, onions

After dinner: bowl strawberries on their way out, needed to be polished off

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