Day 10 (Thurs May 19)

Ugh… As predicted, the coffee at 6pm yesterday was a giant mistake. Wide awake for almost 2 hours in the middle of the night. Awake for so long that I had to get up and eat a snack (peanuts & dried cranberries) because I was hungry. And that was after my 8:30 snack of peanuts & chocolate chips. I honestly am not sure if this gnawing feeling I often get when I go low carb is real hunger, or just my body getting used to things?? I always try to drink first to make sure it’s not just thirst. I should maybe try a spoon of coconut oil at these times.

Breakfast: coffee w/ cream, Ikea brekkie (eggs, bacon, snausage, hashies)
Lunch: leftover salmon, rice mix, veggies
Snack: Lindt 85%, peanuts & chocolate chips, coconut oil spoon
supper: pickles, ham, HB egg, cheese (yup… no veggies. need to go shopping ASAP!)

Gonna make some of those paleo bars tonight. Gotta get off the peanut/choco chip train for hearty, filling eats.

evening snack: jicama with a creamy cilantro/garlic/lime sauce. scoop of pineapple tequila sorbet.


6 thoughts on “Day 10 (Thurs May 19)

  1. Re: coffee at night…I HATE THAT! A couple months ago I had a latte at a coffee shop (it wasn’t Starbucks, they’re pretty good about it) at about 8pm that was supposed to be decaf and it soooo obviously wasn’t because I paid for it for most of the night. UGH.

    • Haha did you catch that I called then snausages? I still often call pepperoni “pup-peroni” too. Remember those cat treats that came in a little tube/can, were they called Pounce?

      • POUNCE!!!! Yes!! I remember giving it to Charlie!! Wouldn’t we get a can of it for him especially at Christmas? Weird, I can totally smell it right now. Aww….Chauwlie….Pan had those Temptations treats sometimes but I don’t remember seeing Pounce for a loooong time.

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