Day 11 (Friday May 20)

Breakfast: paleo bars (sad trombone. I let them sit overnight after baking and when I tried to cut them this am they were super crumbly. The taste is ok. I think I would add more vanilla and maybe some finely chopped dark chocolate next time).

Lunch: egg salad on 2 rice cakes, carrot sticks

(Update — snack I forgot: larabar)

Supper: smokies, coleslaw, that amazing salad with artichoke hearts & parm, snap peas, 1.5 beers, kettle chips

Evening: another beer, more chips

Had a busy day with no exercise and then indulging at a BBQ w/ friends and then cribbage date night on the porch. Fully enjoyed my treats! Long weekend, woo!

3 thoughts on “Day 11 (Friday May 20)

  1. Yeah you definitely have to put them in the fridge to firm them up! I let them chill overnight. At first I thought they were going to be crumbly, but then once I cut them carefully I was surprised how well they stuck together. The homemade granola bars I made awhile back were way, way more crumbly than these. Sorry to hear the taste is just ok….my first batch was SUPERB! Like, so good, hard to stop eating them. (And I did put mini dark chocolate chips in mine!….did I not tell you that??) To me they had plenty of vanilla/sweetness. Only the second batch that I messed with a little bit turned out not very good. I’m going to make them again and do it EXACTLY like the first time, cause they were sooooo good.

    It’s weird how the exact ingredients you use can really make a difference. I’m glad the paleo bars recipe specified to use raw seeds, etc. Like maybe the specific things I used in my carrot muffin batch were different than yours and therefore turned out not as good. But to me, 2 tbsp of vanilla in that recipe was WAY too much vanilla taste…

    • Yes, I should have put them in the fridge! I’ll definitely try them again, with some chopped up dark chompo this time. I’m also a giant fan of dried apricot in anything with coconut so I might try that instead of raisins. Ooo and maybe toasting the coconut first. Ok, I’ll ty not to change too many things at once!

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