Days 11-12 (Fri-Sat)

Breakfast: carrot muffin

Lunch: leftover taco chicken & beans with cheese avocado & tomato

Dinner – at friends house’:
One small piece lasagne & salad; red wine

Post-dinner snacks:
A few rice crackers w/ cream cheese & pepper jelly
Roasted salted almonds
1 mini cheesecake bite (had no crust but icing on top)
Dark chocolate Lindor balls…second glass red wine


Breakfast: carrot muffin
Walked to & from Springfest and meandered around.

Late morning: iced coffee

“Lunch”: Wendy’s chicken nuggets (eaten on the go as I ran errands for a couple hours)

Was tired after errands, so rested a bit on the couch but then surprisingly, I had a decent amount of energy before the supper hour, which I normally don’t. Had a walk with stroller to Foodland and then to Pizza Shak to place our order, took the long way back through a neighbourhood. It was almost too warm but ok. Was thirsty when I got home, should have brought my water bottle, but not drop dead exhausted.

Dinner: gluten-free thin crust pizza with sausage & mushrooms; hot wings & blue cheese dip; veggies; red wine

Bought meat to grill and lots of veggies/salad stuff.
Need to make more paleo bars. I don’t really like the carrot muffins very much, but I’d maybe have them again with a little tweaking (less vanilla, less honey, and somehow make them less wet…maybe increase the coconut flour by a little bit?)
I bought a bunch of sparkling water and plan to put them to chill in the fridge and have with lime wedges for a zero carb refresher that’s more exciting than plain water. The weather is getting hotter and I’m craving so many cold refreshing drinks (which, usually, is often enough anyway!).


One thought on “Days 11-12 (Fri-Sat)

  1. Let me know if you try the carrot muffins again… I do think increasing the coconut flour might help. And that’s a good reminder about sparkling water… I basically replaced all alcohol with that while I was pregnant… I just love it and find as long as it’s bubbly I don’t miss the sugar/big taste of wine or beer.

    Jealous of your din dins. Sounds scrumptious. Maybe I’ll make almond flour pizza one night this week.

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