Day 12 (Saturday May 21)

Bfast: paleo pancakes, coffee with cream

lunch: smokie, snap peas, pickles

afternoon: 1.5 beers

Supper: panfriend lemon pepper sole on a garden salad.  Dark chocolate squares.

Evening: leftover artichoke salad. Hungry Buddha coconut chips. Cashews.

activity: spent the morning de-dandelioning our lawn – actually worked up a bit of a sweat! Would have probably gotten most of it done if I hadn’t gotten a huge blister on the palm of my right hand. Boo…

I forgot to say that I’ve also been doing a fitness challenge with my MIL the last few weeks. We started by working up to 50 squats, then turned that into broomstick overhead squats. Now we’re doing both with ab work: either boat pose or side planks. It’s good because she just texts me with the daily challenge which takes only a couple minutes. I definitely wouldn’t do them of my own volition.


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