Day 13 (Sunday May 22)

Bfast: eggs with bacon, cheese & jalapenos. coffee with cream.

lunch: smokies, fruit, veggies, cheese, beer

afternoon: beer, more grazing on lunch fixins

Supper: random bits of leftovers. Salad, banana muffin

Evening: veggies and dip, rice crackers, cashews & chocolate chips, club soda w/ lime.

Once again stayed up late enough that I actually got hungry. Need to stop that! (Ding! Stop that. Name that sketch.)

2 thoughts on “Day 13 (Sunday May 22)

    • I just used daily milk. I never have almond milk either so I always just use dairy milk in anything that calls for almond.

      I actually did just buy a tetra pak of an almond-coconut milk blend, just to see how it tastes. Thought it might be good for chia pudding or nut/seed granola.

      The muffins were pretty good; with no added sweetener they tasted pretty “healthy”, probably because I used 85% choc. Probably would try them with a slightly less dark choc next time.

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