Days 13 & 14 (Sun-Mon)


Breakfast: coffee & small piece cake at church – moment of weakness

Lunch: leftover taco chicken, odds & ends…can’t remember

Afternoon – chocolate milk

Dinner: sweet & sour meatballs, rice, broccoli


Breakfast: paleo bar

Lunch: deli turkey, gouda cheese, strawberries

Mid afternoon : iced coffee, light on the sugar

Dinner: grilled pork chops & BBQ sauce, two salads: spinach/strawberry/walnuts with Vidalia peppercorn dressing; tomato/red bell pepper/avocado/red onion/feta with oil & lemon juice (about to have dinner as I post this! Mmm!)

Really liking the Perrier Lime for the past couple days. I got a bigger bottle of it instead of buying the cans, and just have it on the counter cause I don’t have much room in the frigo right now…and it has stayed fizzy for 3 days now!

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