Day 15 (Tues)

Breakfast: coffee

Late morning: Sbux iced Americano

Lunch: pork chop, cheese, lots of red bell pepper, cucumber & dip

Afternoon: paleo bar, shared a pear with Baby Bodkin

Dinner: pork chop, spinach salad w/walnuts & raspberry dressing (not great but reeeally craved something sweet), wine

First day of three of Dada being away…. and I heard about him all day long! šŸ™‚

So hard to not to give in to snacking on a bunch of stuff tonight but trying to be strong! Lol. I ate a good dinner, I don’t neeeeed snacks.Ā Gonna just drink my vino and watch Bachelorette. Ooh, a little sweet treat would be so good right about now. I haven’t been eating any chips so far (save for a few tortilla chips one day early on) and prior to this I had been eating them whenever I felt like it so that’s some progress. Chips/other carby snacks should be a once in while treat (AFTER I shed someĀ ell bees!) not a near-nightly occurrence …

4 thoughts on “Day 15 (Tues)

  1. It’s SO hard to break the Bachelor/ette snack train! I guess red wine isn’t the worst thing. And just having wine is better than wine AND a ton of snacks!

  2. Also that spinach salad sounds good!

    Last time I bought bacon, I opened one package and rolled each strip up into a little bundle and then froze them. This way I can have bacon on hand just a few pieces as needed. A traditional spinach salad with bacon and mushrooms and HB eggs would be good too!

    • Smart. Did you freeze it raw or cook it first? (I feel like it would maybe be annoying to have to cook just one strip of bacon.) And what did you freeze the bundles in? Yeah, I do like that spinach salad…Mum used to make it…the vinaigrette is tasty! That salad must be the only thing I semi-enjoy raw mushrooms in. Other than that, cooked all the way.

      • I just froze it raw. But freezing it cooked would be handy too. I just froze the rolls in a plastic container.

        Yes, mum’s dressing is the one I make too!

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