Halfway mark checkin

OK. I know I have had a couple of times of indulgences, but overall I just feel like this is not working this time around. But I’m guessing the way I feel today (really bloated, land monsterish, blah) can probably be pretty clearly linked to yesterday’s wine, chips, popcorn, etc. My weight is a pound up from 2 weeks ago and my skin is almost worse than usual. So something isn’t working.

Looking ahead to the second half of this challenge I am wondering what I should be working harder at or re-focusing on.

I just went back and read over all my daily posts & reply discussions from my original 30-day challenge in 2012. At that point I’d already lost 10lbs just by cutting grains so I wasn’t really changing too much. I went on to lose another 4 during that 30-day challenge. Here’s what I noticed:

  • I was eating yogurt w/ fruit, nuts & coconut — or eggs — every morning
  • I probably wasn’t eating enough fat/protein; R commented that I should really increase meat, fish & fat (like avocado)
  • I would often get that “gnawing” feeling after eating, which I interpreted as “hungry” – same as has been happening lately.
  • I was regularly taking a prenatal vitamin & vitamin D and C

So I think what I’ll try for the next little while is:

  • Cut back on the baked goods (this is a pretty widely acknowledged trap, but I think I wouldn’t have caught it if I wasn’t writing down what I eat)
  • Eat more fermented foods. Eat yogurt for breakfast or a snack, revive the poor neglected kombucha that I’ve been ignoring, investigate other ideas. I’m wondering if the gnawing feeling (along with bloat) could be disrupted gut flora that needs some help re-setting.
  • Make sure meals include a decent amount of protein & fat
  • Eating more veggies (I’ve noticed I’m not eating that much)
  • Seriously try to get more sleep, and more activity (for various reasons we missed yoga for the last 3 classes, and my muscles are telling me they’re not happy)
  • Get back to taking vitamins. I know the jury is really out on whether they’re worth it, but I really should be taking the prenatal at the very least.

I used to think I really needed to eat breakfast. But lately I’ve noticed if I just have a cup or two of coffee with cream,  I am not really hungry before lunch. But I can’t overdo it on the coffee because then I get jittery. Lately if I have breakfast it’s been some sort of paleo baked good (muffin, pancake, etc.) and not a really solid on like eggs or yogurt. So I think I should try out foregoing a meal before lunch and see how that goes.

4 thoughts on “Halfway mark checkin

  1. Yeah, as for myself I KNOW that I’m not really going all that hardcore right now, but more like “primal lite”, just cutting out bad things but not necessarily actually eating all THAT great. I can’t only cut stuff out (some of the time!) , although that is certainly better than doing nothing at all; I also need to try to eat as well as I can, as much whole foods and as little sugar/simple carbs as possible. I am not feeling terrible about not seeing results because I know I’m not seeing them for a reason…I haven’t really kicked it into high gear. I am feeling good about at least making more of an effort though. I’m not eating wheat (hardly…) and have cut waaaay back on sugary indulgences. I can do even better, so I’ll keep at it. I KNOW that I felt so much better when I was doing it, and I was able to keep the weight off so easily, even with the occasional major no-no indulgence, as long as I was eating properly the vast majority of the time.

    I basically didn’t do ANY paleo baking before, but these days I’m so tempted to make paleo versions of stuff. Sigh. It WOULD be better to just not make it, or at least not most of the time. I also usually really hate eating breakfast in the morning, and I tend to only get hungry before noon if we are out running around (or doing housework etc). I’ve only been eating something in the morning since starting this challenge, when I have paleo bars or muffins on hand so that I’m not starving by 11…. I almost never ate breakfast before primal, and I still didn’t during hardcofe primal time, so I don’t think that not eating breakfast was an issue for me.

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