Day 16 (Weds May 25)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, yogurt with berries & coconut

[resisted all delicious cookies & treats at a new playgroup we went to for the second time.]

lunch: leftover pizza, crudites

afternoon: nut/seed trail mix with a few morsels of the Hungry Buddha Sriracha coconut chips (not nearly as good as the wasabi ergo so  not worth the sugar! sad trombone.)

supper: bbq’d smokies (1.5), garden salad with dried fruit & pumpkin seeds & EVOO/balsamic on top

evening: 1 beer (maybe I should just buy some red wine… lol)

All in all a pretty good day.


1 thought on “Day 16 (Weds May 25)

  1. Woohoo for resisting! I know for me there are seemingly ENDLESS opportunities to “just have a little bit” of something because sugary wheaty crap is EVERYWHERE. So it always sucks to feel like you’re not having any treats but every little bit adds up, either for good or for bad!

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