Day 18 (Friday May 27)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, few random bites of dried fruit, slice o’ cheese

morning: shared a cupcake (wheaty)

lunch: egg and veggie frittata, bacon, watermelon, coffee w/cream

afternoon: wasabi coconut chips (damn you, deceptively sugary snack!)

supper: 1 taco w/family (corn tortilla, carnitas, guac, mango/bell pepper/black bean salsa)

then…girls’ night out at an Argentenian pizza place. Had a pizza w/ GF crust and 2 glasses of red wine. Probably should have just splurged for the wheat crust as the GF was a total letdown. Oh well.

Had a terrible sleep and was woken at 5am by a child in a soaked-thru-with-the-runs bed…yippee. When I got up at 7 I felt a little funny/dizzy so didn’t have much of an appetite; plus, knew there would be a cupcake at a little birthday gathering this morning so I didn’t force it. By noon, after a busy morning of playing/the park, I was ravenous and weak. Luckily I didn’t have to make my own lunch, and had a nice evening out with friends. But wondering how I’ll feel tomorrow after my big splurge night full of carbs. Will try to make it to yoga.

Feeling ok now, just really tired. Will read a bit then go to sleep. Am thinking I might investigate supplements for sleep if my nights don’t improve.  I seem to be waking up a lot in the night and not falling back asleep. It’s adding up to a real sleep debt.

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