Day 18-19 (Fri-Sat)

Breakfast: paleo bar

Mid-afternoon: iced coffee

Lunch: hardboiled egg, cheese, bits & bites etc.

Dinner (at our far-away friends’): Mexican FEAST…I ate 1.5 chicken enchiladas, good helping of mixed salad, lots of guacamole, spicy salsa and mango salsa, a handful of tortilla chips, sparkling water, glass of dry rose wine
Dessert: small portion of rice pudding

We randomly, last minute decided to stay the night over there, at their gracious invitation since our AC wasn’t up and running yet back home…the guy needed to finish installing the new unit this morning. We were planning on all crashing in our basement, but were tired and decided to just stay. It was SO fun in the morning for our kids to have a playmate immediately upon waking up, when they were all fresh and happy!

Saturday (morning still at friends’ place):
Breakfast: scrumptious scrambled eggs with sauteed onion and fresh rosemary mixed in…never had this combo before but it was REALLY good…strawberries & pineapple, coffee. Tempted to have some smoothie too (saw it being made with yogurt, orange juice, fruit) but resisted and stuck with the plain fresh fruit instead.

(Came home late morning to a still 27 degrees and hella humid in the upstairs of our house! AC was up and running by shortly after noon, but taking forever for the upstairs to cool down enough…still not sleeping up there tonight! Set up Bodkin’s temporary room in the study. He napped there and went to bed there tonight.)

Lunch: paleo bar & milk (hardly hungry…so hot!)

Dinner: spontaneous Thai takeout!!! with our OTHER far-away friends who came over to pick up our AC window units that we don’t need anymore. YUM…with sparkling water, shared half a Mike’s hard extra-dry lemonade, and splurge dessert…Hagen Das salted caramel bar. SO GOOD…so worth a cheat treat.

A really nice couple of days seeing these friends and their kids who are both close to Bodkin’s age.

1 thought on “Day 18-19 (Fri-Sat)

  1. mmm… that mike’s extra dry actually sounds really good and refreshing! and fun to have some nice spontaneous adventures!

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