Day 20-21 (Sun-Mon)

Not the greatest two days. Sunday was terrible. Cheated a lot, too much wheat & sugar!

So I can’t remember fully everything but Sunday involved at the minimum iced tea,chocolate milk, salad (woot!), taquitos, bacon/pineapple pizza, boneless wings…and another ice cream bar and cooler in the evening!! No major excuses but we’d all gotten terrible sleeps the night before as Bodkin woke up a LOT and I was just so tired & no energy, unfortunately alone all day with no car and a sick & alternatingly unhappy/crying child who was tired but not sleeping, so yeah, I was lazy and stress/comfort eating. I had no food prepped at all Less than an hour nap meant I had no time to really prep anything for a good dinner later on and I didn’t want to use the oven or stove. After the non-nap, ended up walking to the store in crazy heat just so Bundleloo could have some muggy humid air and a bit of outside time. Bought more salad greens and sparkling water. But also a nice cold can of iced tea…and a Big Turk bar. Ended up also walking to collect pizza & wings later on for dins. By then it had cooled by a couple degrees and was clouding over and looked like rain, still like walking in a steaming bathroom but a little more tolerable than it had been earlier.


Brunch @ Rozie’s: homefries plate: runny egg, cheese, ham, green pepper and mushrooms over homefries. Very filling, only ate half my plate and N polished off the rest. Iced Americano from Balzacs.

Dinner: big giant salad & leftover boneless wings with peri-peri sauce, delicious Hagen Das ice cream bar (last one!), wine

Must get back on track this week. It hadn’t been perfect by any means before Sunday but I’d been feeling good about staying away from stuff to a much greater degree, / resisting eating crap all of the time and making better choices.

2 thoughts on “Day 20-21 (Sun-Mon)

  1. It’s soooo hard to just make that decision not to put something in the cart! I feel your pain! I hate when things just feel “eff it all”/helpless and I slide into a cascade of comfort/stress eating.

    It sounds like Monday was better than Sunday so hopefully that was a good start to your week. Just curious, did you notice physical symptoms after all the indulgences on Sunday?

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