Day 20 (Sunday May 29)

another bad sleep. partly because my hands kept falling asleep, which I am pretty sure after careful observation is related to alcohol intake. Another good reason to go easy on the purple drank (Coalhurst Cabernet?). I also think I’m too hot a lot at night; need to switch to an empty duvet cover or flat sheet instead of just the regular duvet. Hopefully that will help.

family bday brunch: coffee with cream, fruit salad, yogurt, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, 1/4 of a cinnamon bun

afternoon: watermelon

supper: 2 tacos

evening: couple spoonfuls of potato salad

activity: neighbourhood walking.

5 thoughts on “Day 20 (Sunday May 29)

  1. Carpal tunnel flare up? I’ve been getting that too sometimes, when it was gone for a long time. I do wonder if eating really well/fully primal would help solve the issue or not (inflammation/swelling related? )…I don’t wanna have it worsen after another pregnancy and have to have surgery 😦

    • I’ve never had a problem with it except while sleeping! It started after my first pregnancy and I wore wrist braces fot a while, but I hated them and eventually it resolved itself. Then I remember last summer in AB when it was junk food & beer train all afternoon and evening, it became really bad…which is when I started thinking it could be related to diet/alcohol, I asked my RMT about it and told her my alcohol theory and she didn’t think it was related, but I think inflammation is entirely likely.

  2. Maybe sleeping badly also because of the red wine in the evening? That usually happens to me if I drink it too late (like, after suppertime! So I try not to drink red too long past dinner)…I will toss and turn all night like I’m caffeinated. SUCKS! It’s the tannins I’ve been told….

  3. Yeah even with AC running, I’ve been too hot with the duvet the past few weeks. Switched to a thin cotton blanket. Well, it doesn’t help that the vent in our room hardly puts anything out. Thankfully we have a ceiling fan in that room…and thankfully Bodkin’s room gets nice & cool.

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