Day 22 (Tuesday May 31)

Starting to feel more positive about things. I think I’m over the worst of the adjustment. It’s starting to feel like I’m not totally craving junk all the time. Not that I’m not still having treats now and then, but things feel more manageable. Still very tired though. I need to go for a physical and blood work soon, so it’ll be interesting to see how things look there. On the bright side I have lost of couple LBs! Doesn’t really feel/look like it yet, but the numbers are encouraging to me. Woo!

breakfast: 2 eggs, watermelon

lunch: 2 hobo style open face rice cake sarnies with lettuce, ham, cheese, pickles, etc. and crudites. Watermelon (have a huge container that needs to get eaten asap!)

afternoon: dark chocolate

supper: clean out the fridge – baked cod, potato/onion/pepper hash, romaine/mango/orange/pepper/black bean salad. Sour watermelon gummies (haha… just noticed the website I got the recipe from is called “Meatified”… lol.. actually that site looks like it has a lot of good recipes!) and half a slice of regular banana bread.

evening: post-yoga steamed artichoke with super yummy lemon-garlic mayo dip.


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