Day 16 (Wed)

Breakfast: nada

Lunch: 2 hardboiled eggs, half piece of pork chop, leftover salad

Afternoon: iced coffee light on sugar

Dinner at someone’s house: hamburger and mixed salad  (I ate my burger with half a bun and gave His Nibs the other half…sigh…I just felt too conspicuous going bunless, because dinner was a little bit on the sparse side.

Post dinner : social evening at my place, I passed on other dessert brought and had a few GF cookies that I bought… wanted to be sure there was something I could eat and still have a little treat…with decaf coffee/cream…later on, had a glass of Perrier Lemon & Orange…it’s good! Better than the Lime, IMO.

Day 15 (Tues)

Breakfast: coffee

Late morning: Sbux iced Americano

Lunch: pork chop, cheese, lots of red bell pepper, cucumber & dip

Afternoon: paleo bar, shared a pear with Baby Bodkin

Dinner: pork chop, spinach salad w/walnuts & raspberry dressing (not great but reeeally craved something sweet), wine

First day of three of Dada being away…. and I heard about him all day long! 🙂

So hard to not to give in to snacking on a bunch of stuff tonight but trying to be strong! Lol. I ate a good dinner, I don’t neeeeed snacks. Gonna just drink my vino and watch Bachelorette. Ooh, a little sweet treat would be so good right about now. I haven’t been eating any chips so far (save for a few tortilla chips one day early on) and prior to this I had been eating them whenever I felt like it so that’s some progress. Chips/other carby snacks should be a once in while treat (AFTER I shed some ell bees!) not a near-nightly occurrence …

Halfway mark checkin

OK. I know I have had a couple of times of indulgences, but overall I just feel like this is not working this time around. But I’m guessing the way I feel today (really bloated, land monsterish, blah) can probably be pretty clearly linked to yesterday’s wine, chips, popcorn, etc. My weight is a pound up from 2 weeks ago and my skin is almost worse than usual. So something isn’t working.

Looking ahead to the second half of this challenge I am wondering what I should be working harder at or re-focusing on.

I just went back and read over all my daily posts & reply discussions from my original 30-day challenge in 2012. At that point I’d already lost 10lbs just by cutting grains so I wasn’t really changing too much. I went on to lose another 4 during that 30-day challenge. Here’s what I noticed:

  • I was eating yogurt w/ fruit, nuts & coconut — or eggs — every morning
  • I probably wasn’t eating enough fat/protein; R commented that I should really increase meat, fish & fat (like avocado)
  • I would often get that “gnawing” feeling after eating, which I interpreted as “hungry” – same as has been happening lately.
  • I was regularly taking a prenatal vitamin & vitamin D and C

So I think what I’ll try for the next little while is:

  • Cut back on the baked goods (this is a pretty widely acknowledged trap, but I think I wouldn’t have caught it if I wasn’t writing down what I eat)
  • Eat more fermented foods. Eat yogurt for breakfast or a snack, revive the poor neglected kombucha that I’ve been ignoring, investigate other ideas. I’m wondering if the gnawing feeling (along with bloat) could be disrupted gut flora that needs some help re-setting.
  • Make sure meals include a decent amount of protein & fat
  • Eating more veggies (I’ve noticed I’m not eating that much)
  • Seriously try to get more sleep, and more activity (for various reasons we missed yoga for the last 3 classes, and my muscles are telling me they’re not happy)
  • Get back to taking vitamins. I know the jury is really out on whether they’re worth it, but I really should be taking the prenatal at the very least.

I used to think I really needed to eat breakfast. But lately I’ve noticed if I just have a cup or two of coffee with cream,  I am not really hungry before lunch. But I can’t overdo it on the coffee because then I get jittery. Lately if I have breakfast it’s been some sort of paleo baked good (muffin, pancake, etc.) and not a really solid on like eggs or yogurt. So I think I should try out foregoing a meal before lunch and see how that goes.

Day 15 (Tuesday May 24)

breakfast: coffee with cream

lunch: decently hungry by 11:30. Big bowl of Greek salad with that creamy yogurt dressing, and panfried smokie

Afternoon: pretty hungry again by 2pm. Ate a yogurt-berry-milk popsicle and a handful of cashews.

Supper: almond flour pizza w/ ham, pineapple, onions, olives & cheese; Greek salad added into mixed greens & some chopped jicama


Day 14 (Monday May 23)

Breakfast : 2 banana muffins,  apple slices,  coffee w/ cream

Lunch: family lunch – tandoori chicken,  baked potato,  beets & greens salad, fruit salad, crudités, beer

Afternoon : couple glasses white wine,  guac &  beet chips &  tortilla chips

Supper: Greek salad with inspired-by-Dino creamy yogurt dressing &  panfried smokies.

Well…  This weekend was pretty indulgent… And I still have a Bachelorette viewing party tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day,  I guess.

Days 13 & 14 (Sun-Mon)


Breakfast: coffee & small piece cake at church – moment of weakness

Lunch: leftover taco chicken, odds & ends…can’t remember

Afternoon – chocolate milk

Dinner: sweet & sour meatballs, rice, broccoli


Breakfast: paleo bar

Lunch: deli turkey, gouda cheese, strawberries

Mid afternoon : iced coffee, light on the sugar

Dinner: grilled pork chops & BBQ sauce, two salads: spinach/strawberry/walnuts with Vidalia peppercorn dressing; tomato/red bell pepper/avocado/red onion/feta with oil & lemon juice (about to have dinner as I post this! Mmm!)

Really liking the Perrier Lime for the past couple days. I got a bigger bottle of it instead of buying the cans, and just have it on the counter cause I don’t have much room in the frigo right now…and it has stayed fizzy for 3 days now!

Day 13 (Sunday May 22)

Bfast: eggs with bacon, cheese & jalapenos. coffee with cream.

lunch: smokies, fruit, veggies, cheese, beer

afternoon: beer, more grazing on lunch fixins

Supper: random bits of leftovers. Salad, banana muffin

Evening: veggies and dip, rice crackers, cashews & chocolate chips, club soda w/ lime.

Once again stayed up late enough that I actually got hungry. Need to stop that! (Ding! Stop that. Name that sketch.)

Day 12 (Saturday May 21)

Bfast: paleo pancakes, coffee with cream

lunch: smokie, snap peas, pickles

afternoon: 1.5 beers

Supper: panfriend lemon pepper sole on a garden salad.  Dark chocolate squares.

Evening: leftover artichoke salad. Hungry Buddha coconut chips. Cashews.

activity: spent the morning de-dandelioning our lawn – actually worked up a bit of a sweat! Would have probably gotten most of it done if I hadn’t gotten a huge blister on the palm of my right hand. Boo…

I forgot to say that I’ve also been doing a fitness challenge with my MIL the last few weeks. We started by working up to 50 squats, then turned that into broomstick overhead squats. Now we’re doing both with ab work: either boat pose or side planks. It’s good because she just texts me with the daily challenge which takes only a couple minutes. I definitely wouldn’t do them of my own volition.


Days 11-12 (Fri-Sat)

Breakfast: carrot muffin

Lunch: leftover taco chicken & beans with cheese avocado & tomato

Dinner – at friends house’:
One small piece lasagne & salad; red wine

Post-dinner snacks:
A few rice crackers w/ cream cheese & pepper jelly
Roasted salted almonds
1 mini cheesecake bite (had no crust but icing on top)
Dark chocolate Lindor balls…second glass red wine


Breakfast: carrot muffin
Walked to & from Springfest and meandered around.

Late morning: iced coffee

“Lunch”: Wendy’s chicken nuggets (eaten on the go as I ran errands for a couple hours)

Was tired after errands, so rested a bit on the couch but then surprisingly, I had a decent amount of energy before the supper hour, which I normally don’t. Had a walk with stroller to Foodland and then to Pizza Shak to place our order, took the long way back through a neighbourhood. It was almost too warm but ok. Was thirsty when I got home, should have brought my water bottle, but not drop dead exhausted.

Dinner: gluten-free thin crust pizza with sausage & mushrooms; hot wings & blue cheese dip; veggies; red wine

Bought meat to grill and lots of veggies/salad stuff.
Need to make more paleo bars. I don’t really like the carrot muffins very much, but I’d maybe have them again with a little tweaking (less vanilla, less honey, and somehow make them less wet…maybe increase the coconut flour by a little bit?)
I bought a bunch of sparkling water and plan to put them to chill in the fridge and have with lime wedges for a zero carb refresher that’s more exciting than plain water. The weather is getting hotter and I’m craving so many cold refreshing drinks (which, usually, is often enough anyway!).

Day 11 (Friday May 20)

Breakfast: paleo bars (sad trombone. I let them sit overnight after baking and when I tried to cut them this am they were super crumbly. The taste is ok. I think I would add more vanilla and maybe some finely chopped dark chocolate next time).

Lunch: egg salad on 2 rice cakes, carrot sticks

(Update — snack I forgot: larabar)

Supper: smokies, coleslaw, that amazing salad with artichoke hearts & parm, snap peas, 1.5 beers, kettle chips

Evening: another beer, more chips

Had a busy day with no exercise and then indulging at a BBQ w/ friends and then cribbage date night on the porch. Fully enjoyed my treats! Long weekend, woo!