Day 26 (Sat June 4)

breakfast: paleo waffles , coffee w/ cream

lunch: waffle sandwiches with bacon & egg

afternoon: beer, shot of kahlua w/ coconut&almond milk (gross – waste of cals – a poor emotional eating choice that did not make the witching hour any less stressful)

supper: vegan taco bar. it was fun and definitely delicious and did not miss meat. We had corn tortillas with Crockpot refried-style beans, guacamole, pineapple salsa, pickled red onions, coleslaw mix, a couple salsas & hot sauces, and two creams sauces: sour cream garlic/lime/cilantro and a vegan cashew cream version (minus the avocado and with a spoonful of nutritional yeast).

evening: a couple ciders and a small glass of Fort Garry Black Pearl — SOOOOOOO good.

activity: yoga class

kind of a stressful day; kids were scrapping nonstop and it was hard to get the stuff I wanted to get done, done. Too much shouting, too many liquid cals and not enough fruit & veggies, but at least the day ended on a nice note, I really enjoyed an evening of conversation and cider on the porch.

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