Day 27 (Sunday June 5)

late breakfast: fritatta, paleo pancake, berries, sausage, coffee w/cream

randoms: a couple creamsicle gummies — need to get some grassfed gelatin!

afternoon: larabar, veggies and dip, 2 beers

supper: potato salad, ice cream bday cake

evening: popcorn

what a random day. Woke up with crazy menstrual cramps, which is very unusual for me; if I ever even notice cramps it’s never be bad enough to take anything. Took an Aleve and felt better. But in the afternoon at a family bday party they came back and were so bad I had to take Tylenol and lay down. Didn’t have much of an appetite hence only eating potato salad for supper. Then ate my feelings with popcorn later. A terrible food day.

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