Day 30 (June 8th)

Welp, here we are, 30 days in. I really can’t say I gave this 30-day challenge my all, but I have gotten out of some not-great habits (popcorn almost every night) and am on my way towards instituting some good ones. This morning I was 3.5 lbs down from my original weight. So that’s good. I had hoped it would be more but realistically I think that’s pretty good. Some of my bottoms are feeling less tight, hallelujah. Just gotta keep it up. I think I will try to keep posting my daily eats here…. or maybe just come back to it if things are derailed?? Might be a good idea as an accountability mechanism during R’s upcoming visit, where there is potential for way too much snacking/dranking. We shall see.

breakfast: eggs, coffee w/cream

lunch: leftover sauteed veg, mojo sauce, SP fries & tuna salad

supper: rotisserie chicken, hummus, crudites, artichoke

later: 2 glasses red wine, smaller than normal bowl of popcorn… stress eating.  how quickly the righteous fall. haha.

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