Day 1 (Tuesday June 21)

Welp. After 8 straight days of vacation-mode indulgence with my houseguests, I am pretty ticked off at myself… I regained the 4lbs I’d lost during the month leading up to the 30-day challenge, plus 1. I’m just annoyed at myself because I actually could feel that my clothes were fitting a little better and I felt less whale-ish, and I just threw away all that effort. Even though I could predict the likely overload of snacks/drinks, I let it happen anyway. Gah.

So here I go again – going to do another 30-day challenge. This one will take me into our real summer holidays at the lake and our big summer road trip out-of-province to visit family. So who knows how that will look. I can only give it a shot. It’s not really a challenge, — I will just try to make good choices within real life — but it’s somehow easier to stick to the food journaling if I have a countdown at the same time.

breakfast: 2 HB eggs, cheese, grapes, coffee w/cream

am: coffee w/ cream

lunch: leftover rice cake pizza

pm: after a nap realized I hadn’t eaten a full lunch, so finished off the end of a bag of chips (had to get them out of the house, right??)

supper: greek salad, spinach/mandarin/blue cheese salad, smokies sans bun

eve: 2 glasses red wine


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