Day 1 (Tuesday June 21)

Welp. After 8 straight days of vacation-mode indulgence with my houseguests, I am pretty ticked off at myself… I regained the 4lbs I’d lost during the month leading up to the 30-day challenge, plus 1. I’m just annoyed at myself because I actually could feel that my clothes were fitting a little better and I felt less whale-ish, and I just threw away all that effort. Even though I could predict the likely overload of snacks/drinks, I let it happen anyway. Gah.

So here I go again – going to do another 30-day challenge. This one will take me into our real summer holidays at the lake and our big summer road trip out-of-province to visit family. So who knows how that will look. I can only give it a shot. It’s not really a challenge, — I will just try to make good choices within real life — but it’s somehow easier to stick to the food journaling if I have a countdown at the same time.

breakfast: 2 HB eggs, cheese, grapes, coffee w/cream

am: coffee w/ cream

lunch: leftover rice cake pizza

pm: after a nap realized I hadn’t eaten a full lunch, so finished off the end of a bag of chips (had to get them out of the house, right??)

supper: greek salad, spinach/mandarin/blue cheese salad, smokies sans bun

eve: 2 glasses red wine


Day 31 (Thurs June 9)

breakfast: coffee, orange, small bowl of yogurt/rhubarb compote w/ coconut

lunch: coleslaw & rotis chicken

afternoon: grapes, dark chocolate

supper: school bbq – faux beef hamburger, small bag o’ chips, ice cream

evening: glass of wine

Day 30 (June 8th)

Welp, here we are, 30 days in. I really can’t say I gave this 30-day challenge my all, but I have gotten out of some not-great habits (popcorn almost every night) and am on my way towards instituting some good ones. This morning I was 3.5 lbs down from my original weight. So that’s good. I had hoped it would be more but realistically I think that’s pretty good. Some of my bottoms are feeling less tight, hallelujah. Just gotta keep it up. I think I will try to keep posting my daily eats here…. or maybe just come back to it if things are derailed?? Might be a good idea as an accountability mechanism during R’s upcoming visit, where there is potential for way too much snacking/dranking. We shall see.

breakfast: eggs, coffee w/cream

lunch: leftover sauteed veg, mojo sauce, SP fries & tuna salad

supper: rotisserie chicken, hummus, crudites, artichoke

later: 2 glasses red wine, smaller than normal bowl of popcorn… stress eating.  how quickly the righteous fall. haha.

Day 29 (Tues June 7th)

breakfast: eggs with salsa, pineapple, coffee w/ cream

lunch: random leftovers – guacamole, cream sauce, salami, rice crackers (get it together! Vegetables!)

supper: finally a good supper. BBQ’d foil packed salmon with mojo sauce (drooooooool), sweet potato fries with cilantro, sauteed frozen veg.

evening: post-yoga ice cream with rhubarb compote (eating my stress)


Day 28 (Monday June 6)

breakfast: rice cake with “regular” peanut butter and banana (was just feeling lazy – obviously this is not great), coffee with cream.

lunch: half a hotdog w/ bun, kale salad, potato salad, watermelon (invited for BBQ leftovers)

afternoon: dark chocolate, pineapple/coconut milk/lime/honey popsicle, half of a kidlin-rejected banana

supper: dang quesadillas made from leftover taco fixins. holy no veggies today, batman. gonna gets me some scurvy.

evening: chocolate coconut chips.

Day 27 (Sunday June 5)

late breakfast: fritatta, paleo pancake, berries, sausage, coffee w/cream

randoms: a couple creamsicle gummies — need to get some grassfed gelatin!

afternoon: larabar, veggies and dip, 2 beers

supper: potato salad, ice cream bday cake

evening: popcorn

what a random day. Woke up with crazy menstrual cramps, which is very unusual for me; if I ever even notice cramps it’s never be bad enough to take anything. Took an Aleve and felt better. But in the afternoon at a family bday party they came back and were so bad I had to take Tylenol and lay down. Didn’t have much of an appetite hence only eating potato salad for supper. Then ate my feelings with popcorn later. A terrible food day.

Day 26 (Sat June 4)

breakfast: paleo waffles , coffee w/ cream

lunch: waffle sandwiches with bacon & egg

afternoon: beer, shot of kahlua w/ coconut&almond milk (gross – waste of cals – a poor emotional eating choice that did not make the witching hour any less stressful)

supper: vegan taco bar. it was fun and definitely delicious and did not miss meat. We had corn tortillas with Crockpot refried-style beans, guacamole, pineapple salsa, pickled red onions, coleslaw mix, a couple salsas & hot sauces, and two creams sauces: sour cream garlic/lime/cilantro and a vegan cashew cream version (minus the avocado and with a spoonful of nutritional yeast).

evening: a couple ciders and a small glass of Fort Garry Black Pearl — SOOOOOOO good.

activity: yoga class

kind of a stressful day; kids were scrapping nonstop and it was hard to get the stuff I wanted to get done, done. Too much shouting, too many liquid cals and not enough fruit & veggies, but at least the day ended on a nice note, I really enjoyed an evening of conversation and cider on the porch.

Day 25 (Fri June 3)

The beginning of a big weekend of activities. Today restaurant supper with a friend in from out of town, tomorrow hosting supper here for said friend (who is eating vegan mostly, so I’m planning a vegetarian taco bar), then a family birthday supper on Sunday. In the words of #AndreaNThem, “Lord, save me from snackin’!”

breakfast: yogurt, berries, coconut, coffee w/cream

am: sriracha coconut chips

lunch: green salad, pork roast, stewed carrots/onions/sweet potatoes

supper: sharesies on buffalo & greek burgers (w/ bun), kale & beet salad

evening: iced coffee with vanilla syrup

activity: close to 2 hours of walking around the Exchange & the Forks — what a lovely evening.